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Forgiving Forward, Ian and Jane Watts (2=1 Marriage Ministry), 31 Jul 2015

Zechariah - The Lord Returns - New OT Commentary, Dr Michael Stead, 31 Jul 2015

20150731E Jenny Stokes - Saltshakers - Marriage Can of Worms.mp3

Earthquake in Queensland, Mark Lennard - Geoscience Australia, 31 Jul 2015

The Army Officer Who Lost His Commission Because of Christian Views, Bernard Gaynor, 31 Jul 2015

Understanding The Times - National Tour in August, Dr Kameel Majdali (TAN), 31 Jul 2015

Are Pro-Lifers Imposing Their Values on Others, Bill Muehlenberg (Culture Watch), 31 Jul 2015

From a Long Dusk to Darkness, Dr Bill Salier (Youthworks College), 29 Jul 2015

Concerns About ABC Fact-Checker - Same Sex Parenting, Lyle Shelton (ACL), 29 Jul 2015

Blood Sweat and Treason, Henry Olonga (Zimbabwean Cricketer), 29 Jul 2015

The Biblical (Noah's) Flood, Dr Ron Neller (Geomorphologist), 28 Jul 2015

Australia's National Character - If Australia Was A Person, Dr Justine Toh (CPX), 29 Jul 2015

Israel and Middle East Update, Ron Ross, 28 Jul2015

Fears About Same-Sex Marriage, David van Gend (Australian Marriage Forum), 27 Jul 2015

Jacob's Tears Documentary, Hugh Kitson (Director), 27 Jul 2015

Political Update, Lyle Shelton (ACL), 27 Jul 2015

Chocolate Gospel - The Pocket Testament League, Stephen Downie (TPTL), 24 Jul 2015

The Mask You Live In - Documentary, Melinda Tankard-Reist (Collective Shout), 24 Jul 2015

Are Christians Forcing Their Morality on Others?, Bill Muehlenberg (Culture Watch), 24 Jul 2015

Asia Bibi - Stay of Execution in Pakistan, Tim (Open Doors), 23 Jul 2015


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