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New Music

Mandy Worby - Vision Radio Network Music DirectorNew Music Blog

Mandy Worby is Vision’s Music Director. She hides away in a small office surrounded by thousands of CD’s and while she’s working hard, some would consider that listening to music all day is hardly considered working! In fact she will heartily admit that she has the ‘funnest’ job in the building!

But, work hard she does – spending many hours a week auditioning new music that comes across her desk from new artists and many old favourits as well.

The main goal of the music department is to ensure that only the very best music makes it to our playlist and that it will greatly encourage you in your day to day endeavours and inspire you to pursue a closer walk with the Saviour.

Mandy will add regular posts to this blog sharing about the new music that is being added to Vision.

New Music - 2013 - May 06

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Can you believe it, the first week of May is over and I hate to bring it up, but it’s almost tax time! I know...very bad taste for a Monday morning. J

Let’s get right into the new music for this week.

Byron ‘Mr Talkbox’ Chambers: ‘Show Me The Way’ from his Show Me The Way EP released on Save The City 2013

"I began to really think about the statement show me the way and it actually became a prayer to the Lord from me. For me, 2012 was a REALLY hard year for my family and I in light of the trials that we went through, I really needed God to show me the way. I'd lost my grandfather in May and my family hasn't lost a loved one in 20 years or so, and it rocked my world! Amongst a lot of other things that I had to deal with that year, I really needed God to show me the way, so the verses of this song became a prayer. It also became a redemptive prayer as well because throughout ALL my life's trials, God changed me. He changed me for the good. When I felt like a million broken vessels, he mended me back. So for the rest of my life, I will ask God to show me the way." - Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers

The Afters: ‘Every Good Thing’, from their Life Is Beautiful CD released on Fair Trade Services, 2012

"I began to really think about the statement show me the way and it actually became a prayer to the Lord from me. For me, 2012 was a REALLY hard year for my family and I in light of the trials that we went through, I really needed God to show me the way. I'd lost my grandfather in May and my family hasn't lost a loved one in 20 years or so, and it rocked my world! Amongst a lot of other things that I had to deal with that year, I really needed God to show me the way, so the verses of this song became a prayer. It also became a redemptive prayer as well because throughout ALL my life's trials, God changed me. He changed me for the good. When I felt like a million broken vessels, he mended me back. So for the rest of my life, I will ask God to show me the way." - Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers

Everfound: ‘Never Beyond Repair’ from their radio single, released on Word Entertainment, 2013

In the process of writing this song God challenged the band that there were areas in their lives that they thought were too broken for Him to fix. Romans 5:8 says, 'But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.' That means that the price He paid is more than enough to fix and repair what we've broken.

God has also promised to complete the good work He has begun in us and He won't stop until we're with Jesus forever; God has promised that He will not stop His work in us until we are complete.

Everfound want this song to be a reminder for anyone who hears it that when God sees the broken pieces of our lives, He never considers us beyond repair.

Praise & Worship - 7-8pm & 12-1am each day

The Royal Royal: ‘Praise Him’ radio single released last year

"I like that hymns are resurfacing in the church, they don't need to disappear and we still need them. We also need great songs with great theology and great melodies. I also feel like churches are losing a little of the joy. GK Chesterton writes that we have it all over society, at football matches, clubs, but not in church. Why is that? If there's no joy, you're not representing the Gospel. Our prayer for you is that you connect with Jesus through these songs, that our song is clear and heard and that you are inspired to sing your song" Nathan Finochio

Youth Hour - 9:45-10:45pm Sat

Disciple: ‘Once & For All’ from their O God Save Us All CD released in 2012 on Fair Trade Services

This song is about the moment a human soul comes to grips with the fact that they’ve lived their entire lives selfishly and self-indulgently, ignoring all their sins and sinful secrets and they finally come to that place of reality when they admit they’ve made a complete mess of everything and they can’t move another step. They have to admit what they’re done and take responsibility for it and then stand face to face with God and submit themselves entirely to Him.

It’s at that instant moment of realisation, confession and surrender that God takes all that brokenness and sin and washes all away through the power of His blood and lifts that overwhelming burden of guilt and shame from the sinner.

Christ didn’t have to die over and over again, He did it once and for all. And when we come to faith and put our trust in Him, He saves us once and for all. Yes we continue to grow and mature, we fall and we get up again, but what He achieved for us was once and for all.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, I hope you enjoy them. Take care and I’ll be back next Monday with more new music news for you on Vision.



New Music - 2013 - Apr 29

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Well I’m back in the land of Oz, dealing with the dreaded jet lag after what was another absolutely fantastic trip to Israel. Sometimes people ask me if I ever get tired or bored with the trip and the honest answer is categorically no! There’s always so much more to learn and see and it’s a real privilege to share the land and some of the incredibly significant Biblical sites with fellow Aussies. The jet lag is frustrating but it’s worth it to see the look on people’s faces when they see something for the first time or something they’ve read in the Bible or heard about suddenly becomes clearer or vastly more understandable because it now has context and setting. J

So now to this week’s new music on Vision.

Kari Jobe: ‘Find Me On My Knees’ from her Where I Find You CD released last year on the Sparrow label

This song is about the ever-on-going daily struggles that this life throws at us and dealing with the fallout from them. For the believer, it also means dealing with the ‘Where’s God in all this?” question. The truth is that God has already given us the answer to that question; His Word, which is perfect, true and absolute, tells us that He will never leave us for forsake us, and going through a struggle is not evidence that He has changed His mind or gone elsewhere. It’s just that sometimes the struggles can seem so overwhelming at times that it can be easy to think God has forgotten us. There is however an important element to the Christian life that we need to keep in the forefront of our daily lives and it’s the importance of prayer. Prayer is God’s way of enlisting us in His will and His work and that God is in control of all things in the universe, including our personal lives. If we’ll take the time to humble to humble ourselves before Him and seek His will and direction for our lives – even if it’s just a cry for help – we will know the kindness and mercy of God.

Seventh Day Slumber: ‘I Am Not The Same’, from their Love & Worship CD released on BEC, 2012

"These lyrics have a deep meaning to me personally, particularly the lyric that says we were 'adopted and healed'. Growing up without a father left me empty and feeling abandoned. I wondered what was so wrong with me that my own dad didn't even want me. It wasn't until I gave my life to Christ that I realised the love of a true Father; a Father that would never leave me or abandon me; a Father that looks beyond the brokenness and the rubble in my life and sees the beauty of His creation. Not only did He take me in but He healed my broken heart and gave me hope and a future." - Joseph Rojas (Lead singer)

Matt Maher: ‘Lord I Need You’ from the All The People Said Amen CD, released in 2012 on Kingsway

When the church gets together every week and we worship and we remember the Gospel and we remember the Old and New Testaments and we sing songs, many of the new songs that we sing come out of the legacy of the old songs - the hymns.

'Lord I Need You' is inspired by the hymn, Lord I Need Thee Every Hour.

CS Lewis said it best in his book The Four Loves; he said there is a type of love that we never mature out of, he called it 'Need Love', which is basically the love that we have for God that comes out of the point of our need, and it's a love that we will never grow out of. That's something that is uncomfortable for a lot of us because we live in an age that highly values being self-sufficient and self-reliant and self-determined.

Yet, we should find so much reassurance and hope in knowing that we need Him every second of our lives and by knowing that every hour and every moment He is willing to meet us in those needs, and He will never leave or forsake us and that's something worth saying Amen to.

Praise & Worship - 7-8pm & 12-1am each day

Chris Tomlin: ‘Whom Shall I Fear’ from the Burning Lights CD, released in 2012 on Sparrow

Chris Tomlin co-wrote this song with Ed Cash who actually prayed the words of the chorus when his wife was struggling with anxiety attacks in the middle of the night, he would pray for her and she'd settle back down but the attacks were reoccurring. He wrote down the words of his prayer which are statements God spoke to His people Israel in various different passages in Isaiah where He promised to go before them and also be their rear guard.

When Chris Tomlin heard these few lyrics he immediately thought of the story of Elisha being surrounded by his enemies and his servant went into a panic, Elisha told him not to be concerned because there were more with them than against them. Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant so he could see the army of God surrounding them, the horses and chariots of Israel. (2 Kings 16)

Chris puts it this way, "This message is exactly what the Church needs. Our story is not a story of fear, it's a story of faith. Everywhere you turn it's fear. Fear of the economy collapsing. Fear involving relationships. Fear of cancer and sickness. Fear of divorce. Fear, anxiety and depression holds us back like we are in chains. It seems like more and more that the world is getting crazier. Fear affects old and young people.

Fear is no respecter of age, socio-economic status, or anything. It is a condition of the heart. I just think it is good to have this truth in our hearts. Whom shall I fear? In the midst of crisis or anything that we come up against, it is powerful to know Who stands behind us and Who goes before us.

Most of the time our eyes are focused on what's in front of us, if we could see the spiritual realm, our enemy wouldn't cause us fear. Those who are with us are far more than those who are against us."

Youth Hour - 9:45-10:45pm Sat

Hyland: ‘Power & Love’ from their Finding Our Way CD released in 2012 on Tooth & Nail.

Hyland sing a story we’re all familiar with. If someone was to look at our lives would they find the evidence of the sinful crimes we’ve committed against God? Yes. Would they see brokenness and struggle? Yes. But that’s not the end of the line for us because God who is so incredibly rich in His mercy sent His Son to die in our place on the cross for our sin and when we come to Him in faith and put our trust in Him He takes all that sin and brokenness and brings deliverance and liberation. We become the recipients of His act of redemption and that is really the beginning of our love story with Him. What we were is not our final epitaph, for the believer what He is doing in and through us for His glory is our final epitaph and it’s all in His hands.

I hope you enjoy this week’s new music editions on Vision. I’ll be back again next week with more great new music to share with you.



New Music - 2013 - Apr 22

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Thanks for coming back to Vision New Music case you’re wondering...yes I’m still in Israel...well actually today I’m in Jordan and we’ve been visiting a number of important Biblical sites one of which is Petra, the red rock city associated with the kingdom of Edom, where Jacob’s brother Esau and his descendants used to live. Esau was very red and hairy when he was born and came to be known by the name Edom which means red. We’ll be heading back into Israel on the 25th, Anzac day and among other places we’ll be seeing we’ll be spending some time in Beersheva where the 800 Lighthorsemen made their famous and magnificent cavalry charge that liberated the city from 400 years of Turkish Ottoman oppression and occupation. We’re expecting it to be quite a moving experience.

Now to focus on the new music beginning to air on Vision today.

Rhett Walker Band: ‘Come To The River’ the title track from their Come To The River CD, released on Provident, 2012.

Rhett Walker wrote this song one day when he was feeling totally overwhelmed with the stresses of his life. He desperately wanted to be a husband and father that was Christ honouring and he was really struggling with being able to do that well. This was compounded with other struggles like being able to earn enough money to provide a good home and meet the necessities that his family had; he leads a band and there are all manner of situations that have to be dealt with on a daily basis.

He was feeling so overwhelmed that one day he just got into his car and drove until he found himself beside a river and he just poured his heart out to the Lord and said that he really couldn't do any of these things well on his own, he needed Christ's help to be what he was supposed to be in leading and providing for his family and in serving Him rightly.

He knew that he needed to come to the river of God's forgiveness and God's provision and allow God to wash him and equip him for all that he's been called to do.

God leads all believers to this point and uses various methods to bring understanding, in Rhett's life God used a river and when he stood there he said, "Lord, I surrender to You, have Your way and I'll follow."

Tenth Avenue North: ‘Worn’, from their CD The Struggle released on Provident, 2012

'Worn' is a tender ballad that acknowledges our ‘human frailty’ and the ‘rest’ that awaits in our heavenly Father's arms. As a young father, balancing the responsibilities of music ministry and raising two young daughters, Donehey is well acquainted with physical and emotional exhaustion; and in this song, he shares one of the most vulnerable vocal performances on the record. Yet even in the midst of struggle, fatigue and alienation - emotions every human battles with - the song celebrates the sovereignty of God in every aspect of our lives. "We're going to struggle until the day that we die," says Owen of the song's message, "but we don't have to struggle to earn what God has provided for us."

Josh Wilson: ‘Carry Me’ his latest radio single from on the Sparrow label 2012.

Six months ago (around July 2012), I woke up feeling lightheaded and sick to my stomach. I had no clue what was wrong, but I figured I would feel better as the day went on. I didn't. The next two mornings, I felt progressively worse, and finally, my strange symptoms culminated in severe chest and shoulder pain, difficulty breathing, and almost passing out.

Becca, my wife, took me to the emergency room because we thought I was having a heart attack.

The doctor did a number of tests, and after 30 excruciatingly long minutes of waiting, he told me my heart was fine. He said that I had experienced a major panic attack, which simulated the same symptoms of cardiac arrest. I was so relieved, and we drove home thinking my experience was simply a one time thing. It wasn't.

Over the next few months, I continued to deal with anxiety and panic attacks, some of which woke me up in the middle of the night. There were times I couldn't feel my arms and legs, and other times I was sure my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I had to cancel a number of concerts while I tried to get everything under control.

Over and over I reminded myself what Paul said to the church in Philippi. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let you requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:6-7). I needed the peace of God to guard my heart and my mind, so every time I experienced a panic attack, I prayed for that. I would wake up each day and say, "God, this day belongs to you. I can't make it without you. I literally can't breathe without you. I need you to carry me." And He did carry me, and He still does. He carried me through each day even before I experienced the anxiety, but I just didn't realize it. It took these difficult moments for me to realize how much I need Jesus.

The truth is, we all need Jesus to carry us. We are lost without him. As Augustine said, "our souls are restless until they find their rest in You." Maybe you struggle with anxiety. Maybe you're dealing with something else, like divorce, abuse, financial troubles, or doubt. Perhaps everything seems to be going well in your life, but even if that's the case, Jesus is the only one who can sustain you, whether you realize it or not. Colossians 1:17 reminds us, "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together."

I still struggle with anxiety, but God's peace has been palpable during my trials. He is teaching me how to truly rely on His strength instead of my own. He is teaching me that just as he holds this universe together, he also holds my heart.

My prayer has been, and will continue to be the chorus of my song, "Carry Me."

"Carry me, carry me, carry me now, From my sinking sand to Your solid ground, The only way I'm ever going to make it out Is if you carry me, carry me, carry me now." -Josh

Youth Hour - 9:45-10:45pm Sat

Hearts Of Saints: ‘Our Generation’ from their For All Of Us CD released in 2012 on Shamrock Media Group.

This is very much a declarative song that wants this current young generation to be a generation that won’t fudge on truth, that won’t fudge on courage or for standing for what is right. No small feat when you consider the direction of our western society and the ethical and moral confusion that is so prevalent in every sphere of society. At the end of the day, Hearts Of Saints wants this generation to do all for the glory of God.

Well that’s another week of new music done...please come back again next Monday for more new music news on Vision, until then, take care of you and yours.



New Music - 2013 - Apr 15

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Oh the wonders of technology!!! While you’re reading this I am actually in Israel right in the middle of our latest tour and if you’re a little bit interested in what we’re doing, what we’re seeing and where we’re travelling to, please visit our website here at this link and go to Travel Logs and select April 2013 and each day will be listed there.


Okay, let’s take a look at the new music that will begin airing on Vision as of today.


Calling Glory: ‘Teach Me To Love’ from their Teach Me To Love CD, released on Soncured Records, 2012.


"Most people, even non-Christians, are familiar with Jesus' call to 'love your neighbour as yourself,' found in Mark 12:31, 'Teach Me To Love' is a song that asks God to make the call of Christ real in the hearts of all who claim Him. This is a big prayer request - in song we ask God to help change us so we can look past our pride, looking at Christ's sacrifice of love as the lesson our hearts need to learn. 'Teach Me To Love' encourages us to extend God's love out to a lost and hurting world." - Calling Glory


Finding Favour: ‘Slip On By’, a radio single released on Gotee, 2012.


This is quite an emotive song in that it brings to the front of our minds things that occur in our everyday lives, usually encounters that aren’t very pleasant or things we or others have said and done that results in this song, these situations have possibly life altering consequences, like hanging up on you mother without saying goodbye and that same day she dies and there was no to fix that situation. Another situation involves a young married couple who have their first fight and instead of working it through out of love for his wife, the young man simply walks out and leaves her crying. The point being made here is that these kind of circumstances are all too often ignored, we simply let them slip on by, usually because we think we’re invincible and have forever to get our relationships right but sometimes these chances never come back again. Don’t let the opportunity to restore a wrong or simply say “I’m Sorry’ slip on by. Ephesians 4:26 says, ‘Be angry and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.’


Capital Kings: ‘You’ll Never Be Alone’ from there You’ll Never Be Alone CD released in 2012 on Gotee.

For this song Capital Kings got together with Telemitry, who did some remixes with TobyMac, they’d heard the idea for this song and really liked its happy message and feel and band member Cole thought this song would be really helpful for a friend of his who was going through a particularly lonely time. This song doesn't need to be only be about relationships, it’s also about how God helps us get through something, or about how a parent helps their kids.

Psalm 119:105: "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

Proverbs 3:5-6: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

Capital Kings love simplicity and this is borne out in their lyrics of this song. At some point everyone feels alone but they believe that God will always make Himself available to those who feel they have no one else because that’s His nature. The song is about choices, and getting your guidance from God and from the Christian family instead of from the world.

Praise & Worship - 7-8pm & 12-1am each day


Brenton Brown: ‘Jesus Take All Of Me’ from his God My Rock CD, released on the Integrity label in 2012.


This gorgeous old hymn has been somewhat adapted but the lyric has been basically maintained, it’s probably most well known because George Beverley Shea has sung it at just about all of Billy Graham’s crusades for decades! The verses of this song are a very important reminder that we can come to Christ just the way we are with repentant hearts knowing that our condition is absolutely horrible and He will love and accept us. We are not required to get cleaned up and then come to Yeshua, we are to come to Him and then He does the cleaning up. There is a new chorus written which says, ‘Jesus take all of me, I run to You, I run to You. I lay everything at Your feet, let my life be Yours.’ The wonderful thing about what Yeshua did for us is that He takes our lives, broken and filthy as they are, and He exchanges all our filthiness and unworthiness and exchanges them for His righteousness and holiness and our worth and value come through knowing Him. This is a beautiful addition to the Worship Hour.


Youth Hour - 9:45-10:45pm Sat


OC Supertones: ‘For The Glory’ from their For The Glory CD released in 2012 on BEC.

There’s a very strong message in this song and particularly so for this particular period of time in church history. More and more churches are embracing pragmatism and seeker friendly methods of church growth that basically make the church look like the world in order to attract the world and much of the Gospel is removed to ensure no one offends the world. But the Gospel is offensive and our job as Christians is not to appease and please the world but rather we’re to tell the truth, preach the Gospel and give glory to God for He deserves it.

In this song, OC Supertones declare, “I believe in a God that’s listening, I believe in a truth worth telling. I believe that the stars are singing...we only want to join in. And what I thought important, it doesn’t seem to matter. Our purpose, our mission is to say that...This is for the glory of God. This is for the risen King, who conquered death and hell. That’s a story we must tell, this is for the glory.”

The church would be far healthier if more Christians held firmly to this mandate that was personally given to His followers after He rose from the dead.

Thanks again for stopping by, next week yet again I’ll have more new music news for you which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Take good care this week and make sure you take the opportunity to right a wrong or to tell those most important to you that you love them...don’t let the important moments slip on by!



New Music - 2013 - Apr 08

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Welcome back to another week of new music here on Vision, I’m absolutely sure you’re going to enjoy the selections this week.


Bryan Duncan: ‘I See You’ from his Conversations CD released last year on Red Road Records.

Conversations is the 14th solo album from Bryan Duncan and it includes collaborations with Phil Keaggy, Scott Krippayne, Bob Carlisle, Tony Hooper, John Schreiner, Phil Curry and Ricky B Rogers.

'I See You' is a grateful acknowledgement of God's presence and participation in our lives. Bryan says, “My wife does this thing throughout the day; she'll be working at something and out of the blue she'll just stop, point to the sky and say, 'I need You!'. I had to smile because it is such a great example of being in the moment with God. I don't see that kind of acknowledgement of God very often. It seemed like the perfect idea for a song. I usually write at the keyboard, but I wrote the music for 'I See You' straight from a melody that's in my head and my heart all the time."

For King & Country: ‘Middle Of Your Heart’ from their Crave CD, a 2012 release from Fervent/Word.


"'Middle of Your Heart' was written as a response to fear, Luke and I were at a really interesting spot with regard to music specifically, we were almost approaching the end. We can all relate, whether it's vocationally or relationally to those moments of fear. We found that the most liberating thing for us to do was wave that white flag, take me to the middle of Your heart, lead me to where Your love starts." - Joel and Luke Smallbone


Colton Dixon: ‘You Are’ from his A Messenger CD, released on Sparrow in 2012.

There were two different reasons for writing "You Are," the first was Colton’s friends Jared and Rhyan - they wanted to write a song that summed up worship and what that means to least as best they could.

The chorus says, "You are the air I breathe in, You are the hope I'm needing" and as a young guy this is what worship is about; that God is the centre and only source of life and sustenance for the believer. Whatever song he’s singing, Colton wants God to be the focus and the hope that gets him through each day.

The other reason was because of another friend of his had been going through quite a dark season and had contemplated suicide and he wanted to write a song to help him out of that dark place, they wanted the song to be a window for him to see God through.

Praise & Worship - 7-8pm & 12-1am each day


Justin Unger: ‘The Battle Hymn’ from his This Is Freedom CD, released on Heights Music 2012

This old hymn was written by Julia Ward Howe in 1861 to the music of 'John Brown's Body', a song sung and made famous during the American Civil War. The lyrics to 'John Brown's Body' were somewhat 'unrefined' and Julie Ward Howe was asked to write something better. She woke in the early hours one morning with words swirling in her head and she got up to write them down before she forgot them. This hymn was first published in February 1862 on the front page of The Atlantic Monthly. Julie Ward Howe was married to Samuel Gridley Howe who was a scholar in education for the blind and they were both active leaders in anti-slavery politics and strong supporters of the Union.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic linked the judgement of the wicked at the end of time with the American Civil War during the days of the war itself, but the lyrics themselves are extremely Biblical in that it recognises that when the Lord returns it will be to bring judgement and justice for the sins and wickness of humanity.

No matter how much man denies God and His Word, His Son, His standards and His Truth, our God and His Truth is marching on and it will never be stopped.


Inspirational - 12am - 5am Mon - Sat, 12am - 9am Sun


Jason Gray: ‘Nothing Is Wasted’ from his A Way To See In The Dark CD, released in 2011 on Centricity.

"To me, this song represents an important idea during this season of my life. It's something I've been trying to say ever since I read Annie Dillard's Pilgrim At Tinker Creek where she wrote that nature is "a spendthrift economy; though nothing is lost, all is spent."

When I first read that, I felt like it gave my life back to me. It was an assurance that the worst we've known, experienced, and even given out is, at the very least, not wasted. I suppose it's a furthering of the idea that everything sad may yet come untrue. It's the hope that loss does not have the final say. Love will have the last word. As we continually bring to the Lord the worst that would otherwise turn our hearts to stone, he is able to mercifully reshape it into something redemptive, useful, maybe even beautiful.” – Jason Gray

Youth Hour - 9:45-10:45pm Sat


Remedy Drive: ‘Glory’ from their self Resuscitate CD, released on Centricity in 2012.

This song was inspired after the reading of CS Lewis' book, 'The Weight Of Glory', a book based on the passage of 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, 'Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.'

In his book Lewis wrote, "We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased."

Remedy Drive wanted to write a song of celebration and encouragement that directs our focus and attention on what lays ahead for us not only in our relationship with God on this earth, but also to the glories of eternity rather, than us fixating on and being disillusioned by the fleeting and very often painful and discouraging things we see and experience around us.

Well, I hope you enjoy this week’s new music that you’ll being hearing from today, I won’t be here next week as I’ll be co-leading our latest tour to Israel but please come back to the blog next Monday and all the latest news will be here for you. BTW, if you’re interested in what we’re up to in Israel please stop by the blog and click on Israel Tours, then select ‘Travel Logs’ and then April 2013 and each day’s blog will up at the end of each day.



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