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New Music

Mandy Worby - Vision Radio Network Music DirectorNew Music Blog

Mandy Worby is Vision’s Music Director. She hides away in a small office surrounded by thousands of CD’s and while she’s working hard, some would consider that listening to music all day is hardly considered working! In fact she will heartily admit that she has the ‘funnest’ job in the building!

But, work hard she does – spending many hours a week auditioning new music that comes across her desk from new artists and many old favourits as well.

The main goal of the music department is to ensure that only the very best music makes it to our playlist and that it will greatly encourage you in your day to day endeavours and inspire you to pursue a closer walk with the Saviour.

Mandy will add regular posts to this blog sharing about the new music that is being added to Vision.

New Music - 2013 - Oct 21

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Brukhim Habaim!!! (Welcome)

In case you weren't aware, Ian and I are currently about 1/3 of the way through leading our latest tour to Israel. We arrived in the Holy Land last Friday, very early in the morning and the adventure began.

So far we've had a taste of Tel Aviv, we visited the sight of the world's most famous battle, that of David and Goliath and the place where both Jonah fled from God and where Peter had his vision on top of Simon the Tanner's house - the ancient sea port of Jaffa (Joppa). 

We've walked through the ancient ruins of Ceasarea, looked out over the Meggido Valley at the place where Elijah slew the false prophets..we've floated on Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and so much more besides. Israel is without a doubt one of the most intensly interesting, historical and vibrant places on earth. I think you come with us one year! :-) 

You can read about what we've been doing by visiting our blog site at, just click on Travel Logs and scroll down to October 2013 and select each day as you like, and if you're interested in any future tours we lead, the next one will be in April 2014, please contact our booking agent, Steven Green, of Olive Tree Travel and Steven and his staff would be only too happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Now to this week's new music on Vision.

Unspoken: 'Everything' from their The World Is Waking EP released on Centricity label in 2013.

There’s nothing new about the truth that all Christians go through struggles and trials and that they’re enemies of the world and all that the world stands for. But where Christians struggle with this is that they haven’t really grasped their security in Christ; they still long for security in the world and that’s not something we can every really attain and historically, Christians throughout the past 2 centuries have experienced phenomenal hardships and suffering because of their faith. It’s only in western nations that Christians have really not experienced much in the way of persecution…but things are changing.
This song is a cold hard look at the reality that we are not loved, welcomed or wanted by the world, in fact we’re hated by the world just as Yeshua warned us. 
But the good news is that there is absolutely nothing in all of creation that can separate us from the security and love of our Saviour and once we have that truth embedded firmly in our hearts and minds, we will never be shaken no matter what this life throws at us. 
Romans 8:31-39, ‘What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things? Who will bring a charge against God’s elect? God is the One who justifies; who is the one who condemns? Christ Jesus is He who died, yes, rather who was raised, who is at the right hand of God, who also intercededs for us. Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Just as it is written, “For your sake we are being put to death all day long; we were considered as sheep to be slaughtered.” But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
At the end of the day, Yeshua is everything we need to live a victorious life in this world; He has promised to sustain us and He cannot tell a lie or break a promise. 
Amy Grant: 'If I Could See What The Angels See' from her How Mercy Looks From Here CD released on Sparrow label 2013.
This song came about from a long pondering on the back porch and Amy was thinking about how narrow her focus is and great it would be if she could have another perspective on things. She thought if only she could see what the angels see, things would look so different. 
She’d read that someone had been buried in an avalanche and she thought that while most people didn’t know where they were, someone knew. Of course, God is that someone. 
And while it would be nice to see all that the angels can see, or hear what they can hear or know what they know so that we would have an answer to all the mysteries that confound us, we don’t really need to know because God knows, and God sees and God hears and it’s only really important that He does. He has all things in His hands and we can find rest and comfort in knowing at least that much.
Steven Curtis Chapman: 'Love Take Me Over' from his CD The Glorious Unfolding released on Sparrow label 2013.
Yeshua explained to one of the Pharisees that those who are forgiven lot, learn to love a lot and those who are forgiven a little only love a little bit. 
Sometimes we don’t realise how much we’ve been forgiven because we don’t realise how deadly our sins are and that’s because we tend to compare ourselves with the worst sinners and we come out looking ok. But if we compare ourselves to God and His purity and perfection, we have to conclude that we really are wretched.
Then from that viewpoint, we can see just how huge and glorious and extensive God’s love for us is, because we realise that He died a brutal death to forgive us for every single wretched sin we’ve ever committed. That’s how much He loves us. 
When we understand the extent of how much we’re loved, we can share that with those around us, and He gives us the capacity to love others as well. 
This song is a prayer to God for His love to invade and take over every single part of our lives be it our thoughts, our words, our actions and even our hopes so that in every second of every day we are showing His love to the world. His love that is sooooooo huge we can help but give it away to others.

Inspirational - 12am - 5am Mon - Sat, 12am - 9am Sun

David Willersdorf: 'All You Have Given' from his CD The Sound Of Heaven released as an indi artist in 2011.

This song is a song of gratitude for all that the Saviour has done for us. We have life, love and freedom, eternal life, liberation and our Saviour deserves our love, devotion and worship. 


Youth Hour - 10:00-11:00pm Sat

Beckah Shae: 'Turbo Style' radio single released in 2013 on Shae Shock Records. 
God created us to believe than in Him all things are possible. He wants us to keep moving forward, growing in Him and achieving the call He’s laid out for us. His love for us has no limit and His grace has no measure and power has no boundary. His Holy Spirit indwells us and as the days grow darker there is a greater urgency to step up and speed up our mission to reach the lost for the sake of the Gospel and because God has promised to never leave or forsake us, He will also provide what we need and sustain us for the task.
Ephesians 3:20-21, ‘Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.’
Thanks again for taking the time to check out this blog, have a great week and there'll be more new music here next Monday.

New Music - 2013 - Oct 14

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Welcome back for another Monday's new music here on Vision. 

Aaron Shust: 'Mighty Fortress' from his Morning Rises CD released in 2013 on the Centricity label.

Hardships generally produce sorrow and heartache, but sometimes there's unexpected joy in life’s trials for those who are willing to look. Just ask Aaron Shust. The past few years have been an emotional rollercoaster for the father of three young sons, yet amongst the challenges there have been miracles with each trial and tribulation. Each crisis led the Centricity Music recording artist to lean more firmly into his faith and the result is Aaron’s new album, Morning Rises, a potent collection of songs that are worshipful, life-affirming and absolutely celebratory. 
“It’s therapeutic to my soul to sing these words when life is tumultuous,” Aaron says. “I need to write and find songs that I want to sing, songs that proclaim God as faithful, songs that proclaim God as larger than our situation and our circumstance. I want to sing songs that glorify Him and lift His name up.”
Chris Tomlin: 'God's Great Dance Floor' from his Burning Lights CD released on the Sixsteps/Sparrow labels in 2013.
The story of the Prodigal Son is about a young man who leaves home with his inheritance and foolishly and selfishly wastes every cent of it. He eventually returns to his father in the hope of at least being able to get a job a servant because he knows he has no rights whatsoever as son anymore. But the great shock for him is that his father is waiting for him, longing for his return and when he sees him, he runs to him and embraces him and restores him back to sonship. What happens next is an even greater shock, he puts on a huge celebration because of his overwhelming joy at his sons return. 
His son did nothing to deserve such a reception, in truth, the story is all about the grace and mighty love of the Father and this of course is a magnificent picture of the grace and love of God the Father who welcomes each one of us who have rejected Him and squandered our lives and all the blessings He has given us. Yet when we repent, when we return to Him, He lovingly embraces us, makes us one of His children and the angels rejoice over every soul that is saved. 
We go from lost to found, from death to life and that’s worth celebrating – it’s all because of what Yeshua did for us. 
Royal Tailor: 'Remain' radio single released on the Provident Label Group 2013.
“These days the love we see being expressed is fickle; it’s conditional. One moment someone will tell you they love you and then the next, be gone. But that isn’t love at all. This song speaks of a promise, a promise we have from God and promise we should be keeping to each other; ‘That no matter what, My love will remain.’” – Royal Tailor
Our society has become very glib about love, and love has lost its meaning. We say we love our favourite food, our favourite clothes, our favourite cars and all manner of things. Love has become cheap and disposable.
Real love as the Bible describes it never seeks to benefit self at the cost of another person, it isn’t jealous or greedy or selfish, it doesn’t remember a wrong against it, it isn’t proud or selfish but it always seeks the best for the other person even if it costs. That’s God’s kind of love and He’s given us His extravagant love to us in His Son Yeshua. 

Praise & Worship - 7-8pm & 12-1am each day

Warr Acres: 'Hope Will Rise' radio single released on Dream Records in 2013.

Warr Acres Music (formerly known as VMusic/Kristy Starling) has been collecting donations to help out the victims of the recent tragedies in their state of Oklahoma. It was only a very short time ago that the worst tornados ever to hit Oklahoma destroyed an enormous amount of property and killed 24 people and scores of people lost everything in this disaster. They tried thinking of as many different ways of helping the people who have been affected, so they offered this song – ‘Hope Will Rise’ – for free in the hope that people will make a donation during the download process to assist them and their church in helping meet the needs of those devastated by these natural disasters.

It’s also their hope is that this song will bring a lot of comfort and peace to those who need it, not to mention to the people in their own community who have suffered and lost so much. They are very appreciative of the support people have shown so far and in particular they’re asking for Christians wherever they are, to keep praying for the people of Oklahoma. 

Warr Acres in conjunction with their church are mobilized to assist the needy in their community and are using this tragedy to minister in the name of Christ to those who are hurting and while providing them with clothing and food and other necessities, they’re also bringing the message of God’s great love through His Gospel.

This is a very powerful and emotive song that would be especially impacting in a church environment.


Youth Hour - 10:00-11:00pm Sat

Hearts Of Saints: 'Battle Cry' from their For All Of Us CD released by Shamrock Media Group in 2013.
Once we’ve been transformed by Christ we have an obligation to go out and share what we have with others. We are called to be a voice for the voiceless and to fulfill the Great Commission and to make disciples. Our weapon of choice in this battle is love, it’s different from all others but it’s the most stunning and the most impacting and the love of God is the only power that can radically change a human soul from death to life, darkness to light.
All done for another week, I'l be back next Monday I hope you can stop by. Bye for now.

New Music - 2013 - Oct 07

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Greetings to you this fine Monday, how nice is the warmer weather lately? I confess that I'm a summer girl I'm not all that fond of the cold months. 

Let's get straight to the new music you'll be hearing on Vision this week. 

Jonathan McReynolds: 'Lovin' Me' from the CD Life Music released on Light Records 2012.

At our worst, in our despair, in our shame and our failures, God’s love for us never fails. This can be a very difficult thing to understand let alone believe because we often measure God by our standards but God is not like us; His love is limitless and unconditional, His mercy is new every morning and He has promised to sustain us until either He comes back for us or we breathe our last and go to Him. That’s wonderful news.

Tricia Brock: 'Enough' from her Enough EP released on Inpop label, 2013.

Paul asked the Lord 3 time to remove the thorn in his flesh (whatever that might have been) but the Lord responded by saying, “My grace is sufficient for you.” (2 Cor 12:9) He went on to say that His power would be perfected in Paul’s weaknesses. Paul ultimately became the greatest preacher who ever lived (next to Yeshua of course) and he is responsible for writing the most of the New Covenant Scriptures. He grew very strong in his faith in Christ and even the threat of imminent death didn’t sway him from serving Christ with every ounce of effort he had.
What we go through is nothing compared to Paul and certainly nothing compared to Christ, and He has promised to sustain us, walk with us and love us no matter what. Sometimes of course what we go through is not even a struggle of faith it’s just boredom and the desire for what we don’t really need.
Regardless of what our life is currently like, His love is more than enough for what we will go through in this life. We can trust Him implicitly. 

The Neverclaim: 'One Truth One Life' radio single released in 2013 on the Provident Label Group.

Neverclaim have boldly and unashamedly placed the emphasis of this song squarely on how amazing Yeshua is. They make reference to some very brazen things Yeshua said as well, like His statement in John 14:6, “…I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”
He never apologized for His claim to be the one and only way and He never compromised this stand even when those who hated Him and disagreed with Him killed Him. What’s more, His disciples never compromised on this either even when they were murdered for their faith and proclamation of the Gospel. 
Today it’s very politically incorrect to say that salvation is found in Christ alone and there is no other way for anyone to gain entrance into heaven. Many churches are embracing the ecumenical mantra of universalism that believes that all people of all religious beliefs or no religious beliefs will end up in heaven, but this is entirely contrary to what Christ Himself taught. 
Yeshua the Messiah is the true life source…the ONLY life source…the only way that man can be saved, there is no other. 


Praise & Worship - 7-8pm & 12-1am each day

Kristian Stanfill: 'The Lord Our God' from the Passion: Let The Future Begin CD released on Sixsteps/Sparrow labels, 2013.

Kristian began writing this song in 2012 after he re-read the story of the journey of the Israelites out of Egyptian captivity and into freedom by way of many years of wandering in the desert wilderness because of their rebellion. The wanderings were a result of their rebellion but even in that God never left them, He provided for them every single day, He led them during the evening in a pillar of fire and during the day in a pillar of cloud and He showed Himself as a visible presence in the cloud that settled over the Tabernacle as well. He provided them food every day, water from the rock that actually followed them and even their clothes and shoes didn’t wear out for 4 decades. 
Through this 40 year event with the Israelites we learn that God’s nature is very evident; it’s not simply God have a ‘good day’, this shows us exactly who God is - He’s our provider, protector and our leader, He’s our King! Even when we’re in rebellion at times, He’s still all these things to us His children. 
During the 40 years of wandering, the Israelites only moved when they say the cloud or fire of God move and if God didn’t move, they remained in the same place and waited for God to lead them. When Kristian read those words it became a prayer for his own life, that unless God lead him he would not jump ahead or go his own way, but that he would learn to wait and listen for God to lead and direct him.

Youth Hour - 10:00-11:00pm Sat

At The Wayside: 'Thanks To You' radio single released on Red Cord Records 2013.

"I wrote the lyrics for this song, sitting alone at the desk in my room after what felt like the longest year of my life. I seemed to be losing everyone close to me, either by falling out of love or losing someone to sickness and death. I sat there thinking I was about to write a song of sorrow and pain, and what came out was appreciation. The song is a ‘thank you’ to God for allowing me to be alive and well, and for pulling me out of the depression I’d fallen into. And the thanks God deserves is for me to live my whole life in a way that praises Him, in everything. I took to heart the words of 2 Corinthians 4:16-18.”
“Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” - Phil Carper of At The Wayside 

Have a wonderful week, take care and I'll have more new music info for you next week. 



New Music - 2013 - Sep 30

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Happy Monday! :-) 

Welcome to another week of new music info here on Vision.

Decyfer Down: 'So In Love' from their Scarecrow CD released by Fair Trade Services 2013.

This is a song that describes the process of dying to ourselves and our sinful nature and allowing Christ to be more and more evident in us. It openly admits to ongoing failures and weaknesses but stresses that Christ shows His strength and His power through those weaknesses and failures. The more Christ brings change and transformation to us, the more we can’t help but love Him more.

Mandisa: 'Overcomer' radio single released on Sparrow label 2013.

The Christian life is little more than a series of trials and victories; we all go through them and some are more savage than others, but God has promised to never let us go through more than we can handle and what’s more, He’s promised to walk through them with us every step of the way. 
So if you’re in the middle of a trial and you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all, remember that God has given you His Holy Spirit, and if you know Christ then the Holy Spirit indwells you and will give you all you need to overcome through His strength.
Are you weak? Then let His strength carry you. This is how you grow in maturity and how He gets all the glory He deserves. 

Colton Dixon: 'Never Gone' from his A Messenger CD released in 2013 on Sparrow label.

Colton uses the metaphor of a small child at night, scared of the dark desperately wanting to switch the light on to see if everything is ok and where it should be. We Christians are very much like that, we get blinded by all that goes on around us and we desperately want to switch on a light to make sure God is still there because in the blur of the chaos, we lose sight of Him. However, the truth is that God has never left us and He never will. God cannot lie and He cannot break His promises. Not seeing doesn’t mean not there; you can take God at His Word…He has never left you and He never will.


Praise & Worship - 7-8pm & 12-1am each day

Bluetree: 'Jesus Healer' from their Kingdom CD released by Exchange Church 2012. 

‘Jesus Healer’ is very much a personal snapshot of Aaron’s journey with his daughter who has cystic fibrosis. It’s a difficult thing to watch your child suffer from illness or disease and there are many questions and fears but Jesus is the Healer and healing is not restricted simply to the body; healing comes in many forms.


Youth Hour - 10:00-11:00pm Sat

The Shine Effect: 'Stronger (Hallelujah)' from the CD With Open Eyes released on The Shine Effect Records 2013.

For many, God is little more than a huge angry being just waiting to crush us when we sin, but this song sings about the wonder of just how willing God is to forgive and restore and continually love those who call upon Him.


Thanks for your interest in our new music on Vision, please take care of yourself this week and I'll be back again next week. 


New Music - 2013 - Sep 23

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Welcome to the final week of September, thanks for checking out this week's new music blog on Vision.

Mark Schultz: 'One Day' from his All Things Possible CD released in 2013 on Fair Trade Services.

Ask Mark Schultz to sum up the album's theme in one song, and he would point to "One Day," which got its start while he was on stage singing his hit "I Am." "I'm looking out in the audience and halfway back, I can see kids in wheelchairs. There's this one kid in a wheelchair with his fists clenched and his arms thrown up in the air and tears running down his face. And I got choked up. Right at that moment I thought, 'Kid, you're going to get your own song.'" The refrain, in typical Schultz fashion, spotlights bigger possibilities and hope beyond human limitations. "One day we will touch the healer's hand / One day we will be whole again." "When I sing it, I think of the kid in the wheelchair, and how when he gets to heaven, he gets to kick that wheelchair to the ground and walk away from it," Schultz says. "No matter what you're going through—cancer, a disease, or being in a wheelchair—it's powerful to think there's an endgame to that."

Vota: 'Love Found Me' from their Love Found Me CD released in 2013 on Big Box Records.

Very often we think that we are the ones who seek for God and that our efforts and endeavours eventually lead us to Him, but the truth is that it’s not us who seek God, it’s God who seeks after sinners. It’s God’s grace that leads us to repentance, it’s God’s mercy that lead Him to die in our place and it’s His Holy Spirit that draws us to Himself and it’s His incredible love that gives us the ability to believe in Him. We were lost and without hope in this world, but it’s God’s amazing love that found us, saved us, and is now working in us to transform us. Nothing is the same.

Shine Bright Baby: 'Beautiful Love' radio single released on BEC in 2013.

“We should never lose our wonder of God’s love. No matter how far we have strayed, He takes us back, wraps us in His arms and empowers us with His love to live a beautiful life that can impact others. ‘Beautiful Love’ is about true redemption and that’s something worth getting excited about.” - Shine Bright Baby


Youth Hour - 10:00-11:00pm Sat

Jekob: 'Don't Let Go' from his Faith Hope & Love CD released on Save The City Records 2013.

The song is based on Psalm 71:14, ‘But as for me, I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more.’
“It’s a song of praise and encouragement for us to continually hold on to Christ and our faith in Him through all of the many trials we will face. Even in death we should rejoice, since we have received Christ and we have this hope in everlasting life.” - Jekob


That brings new music to a close for this week, I'll be back again next week with more. 



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