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New Music - Mar 12 2012 - Vision Christian Radio

Vision Christian Radio

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New Music - Mar 12 2012

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Can you believe how quickly this last week just went...I feel like I just blinked and got transported a week ahead! Haha...2012 is speeding by like a rocket. Anyway, before this week passes faster than I can write this blog, let's take a quick look at what's going to be playing on Vision this week.

Joey's Dream: 'Wake Me Up' from his Mold Me CD released on the Shamrock Media Group 2012.

Joey’s Dream used to be known as ‘Joey the Jerk’ and also used to make predominantly hip hop music and while there is still a hint of this in his music, it’s predominantly pop driven. In fact his music is quite reminiscent of Toby Mac’s musical contributions.

Joey called on some friends to help him with this new album, one of them is Matt Dally from Superchick and they had a wonderful time working on each of the songs so that their own perspectives could be heard in a way that they were both happy with.

Mould Me is an album about hope, faith, and joy. Hope that Christians can truly grasp the love that Christ has placed in our hearts and live out our faith in boldness; faith that regardless of life's struggles, God is moulding us and shaping us into the people that He longs for us to be; and joy found in the little things of life, whether it be family, friends, or even just a "Piece of Sunshine".  

This is a song that Matt and Max made and wanted to use for Superchic[k] but it didn't happen. I was in Nashville meeting with a label that was interested in the music and staying at Matt's house. He played the song with no verses, or bridge, but a wonderful chorus. I wrote the verses, showed Matt what I wrote then Matt came in and helped with the bridge. This song is as much for me as it is for anyone else. We are who God wants to use to show his love, and need for redemption. For our time (the me generation) we have to have the attitude of a revolutionary, to step out and give our time, our resources, and our lives to Christ's mission of making disciples. I think it's a dope song/ piece of art, in that the song is called wake me up, and reminds me of Mark 13:36 when it talks of Jesus return it says not to be caught sleeping. Waking is the opposite of sleeping, and we as believers want to be actively living out our faith.

Consumed By Fire: 'All I'm Living For' a radio single released on the Shamrock Media Group 2012.

Consumed by Fire is an Oklahoma-based band incorporating the talent and chemistry of 3 brothers (Josh, Jordan, & Caleb Ward) and their best friend (Ervin Smith) that they met in church, where their father is the Pastor. They have seen much independent success in the past 5 & ½ years as a band from constant touring across the nation & especially from their 2010 independently released full-length Christian rock-crossover debut entitled, "Something Real", through Nashville-based indie label, Severe Records.

Now, a year & several months since the release of, "Something Real", they are currently preparing to release their highly anticipated WORSHIP debut with their Producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, Chris August).

"Some folks we meet think we decided to make a worship record because we got tired of rock & roll or something', but the truth is, we were worshippers first. This is our first love… And I think most people who follow our music and really know us, know this to be true", says drummer & bg vocalist, Jordan Ward.

The song, "All I'm Living For" was written by Consumed by Fire & Ed Cash. The song was written out of a state of brokenness and surrender, coming to grips with the reality of knowing that Jesus is the only reason we're alive. It's a declarative anthem of the human spirit notifying the soul that He is indeed our hope, peace, joy, love, and source of life.

Ida Maree: 'Saving Grace' from her Saving Grace CD, an indi release 2011.

Ida Maree is new to the Vision playlist. She’s an Aussie artist that has learned that physical maturity and spiritual maturity go hand in hand. We want to grow and mature but we don’t necessarily like the process. And there are bittersweet changes in knowing and understanding God better.
With Saving Grace comes a new focus for Ida's career. Ministry has number a high priority because as far as Ida is concerned life is not about her anymore, life is a journey she’s on and there are many people travelling with her.

It’s this journey that Ida wants to share through song in the hope that what she shares will be beneficial to others in their own relationship with God.

The song Saving Grace is her personal testimony; that God turned her life completely around, removed the chains of sin and has given her a brand new direction for the whole of her life. Every day forward, every song sung and every step she takes is from and for the Lord because of His saving grace.

During the Worship Hour this week (7-8pm each night) you'll hear 'Holy Captivated' by Nicole C Mullen from her 2011 CD Captivated released on the Maranath label; you'll hear a new artist Joanna Melas singing a song called 'For You've Touched Me' during our inspirational hours on Sunday mornings (6-8:30am), this song is from the CD Making Melodies, a 2011 indi release; finally, Hollywood Heroes is a new artist that will be heard in our youth hour at 9pm (EST), it's from their Rescue EP released on Hollywood Heroes Music 2011. 

That's all I have for you this week, don't blink or it'll be next week already! haha Take good care and enjoy between now and the new music I'll be sharing with you next Monday.


Mandy Cool

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