with Neil Johnson


with Neil Johnson

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There's plenty of talk on radio, but with 20Twenty you'll find Life, Culture & Current events from a Biblical perspective.Interviews, stories and insight you definitely won't hear in the mainstream media.

Get to know Neil

Neil is the host of 20Twenty - Vision Christian Radio's "Life, Culture and Current Events" program heard weekdays. He is an ordained Christian Minister of 25 years. Neil is married with four beautiful daughters, and finds great enjoyment in celebrating family milestones. An armchair sports-fan of State of Origin football in the winter and Cricket in the summer. He's a self confessed 'news junkie', and a reader of 'worldview building' Christian books. Neil is passionate about Christian media, Christian schools, and 'connecting faith to life' through serving God in his role at Vision.

You may have missed...

Every day, Neil talks to fascinating guests with great insights and great stories to tell. Read about some of them below.

North Korea Remains On Top of Watch List

The Open Doors World Watch List has been revealed for another year, ranking the top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted the most. Two hundred and fifteen million Christians have been identified as being impacted by persecution around the world. North Korea remains at number one on the list, where it has been for more …Read More

Workship – Kara Martin

How to Use Your Work to Worship God Our work, business, or career might actually be something intended by God. Kara Martin thinks so and she’s written a book about it ‘Workship, how to use your work to worship God’. In fact, the book was so good, it was shortlisted in the 2017 Australian Christian …Read More

2017 – ‘How Good Was That?’ Bill Muehlenberg

‘He surprised me. He’s done well!’ Praise for Donald Trump. But not for North Korea, same sex marriage, euthanasia, and more terror attacks – just a few standouts from a plethora of 2017 events. This from Christian cultural commentator Bill Muehlenberg who regularly connects faith to these issues and has made his call on whether …Read More



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