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The joys of heaven (3)

‘There will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain;’ Revelation 21:4 NASB Sometimes we describe dying as crossing the Jordan. That’s because the Jordan River runs into the Dead Sea. The story is told of an elderly Christian lady who was dying. For most of her life, illness had confined her to bed or a [...]

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How to keep a good attitude

‘I will praise You seven times a day.’ Psalm 119:164 TLB A bad attitude is like a flat tyre; you won’t get anywhere until you change it. Few things in life are more important than your attitude, and here are four ways to help you keep a good one: (1) Realise your attitude needs to be constantly [...]

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The Royal City History of Jerusalem Part 03

The Royal City – History of Jerusalem Part 03

From an obscure Jebusite walled village, perched on the Ophel hill, it became the capital of the united kingdom of Israel. The arrival of the ark of the covenant, symbolising the presence of Almighty God, made it a holy city.