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Winning Over Worry

Winning Over Worry

In 1988, Bobby McFerrin’s upbeat anthem “Don’t Worry Be Happy” captivated audiences around the world and topped music charts in countries like Australia. Despite its light-hearted message, it serves as a reminder that this cheer-up approach is no cure for those dealing with mental health issues.

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God is your provider

‘You prepare a table before me.’ Psalm 23:5 NKJV Next time you sit down at your table to eat a delicious meal, stop and think about all the people it took to make it possible. A farmer grew it or raised it; a food processing company prepared and packaged it; a transport company shipped it; a grocery [...]

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Are you coming up empty?

‘That night they caught nothing.’ John 21:3 NKJV When Jesus first called His disciples, He told them, ‘I will make you fishers of men.’ (Matthew 4:19 KJV) Yet after hearing Him promise to rise from the dead and actually seeing Him alive, they went back to what they were doing before they met Him: fishing. Now, God will use [...]

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