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Christian RE in your home
Miracles Day 2021

Mental Health – Christ Focused Approach to Seeking Professional Help

As Christians, most of us are interested in a Christ focused approach to all of the dimensions of our lives. Dr John Warlow says seeking professional help for our mental health is key.

Exec role vacancy

Patience for Planted Seeds

You never know when the seeds of the Gospel you sow will reap a harvest.

The Treasury Project – Romans 3:23

This week’s memory verse is Romans 3:23 – For all have sinned an fall short of the glory of God.

Report Shows Impact of Technology on Bible Accessibility

The Bible is reaching people of all nationalities and backgrounds around the world through technology.

Facebook Targets Faith Groups With New Prayer App

The tool encourages people to request prayer as well as respond to others’.

Praying for a Miracle

For Suman, growing up in a remote village in eastern Nepal, life took a sudden turn the year she turned five when her sight became blurry.

Leaving a Legacy of Christian Hope

Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome & Cancer

Morag Zwartz shares how God helped her along her journey of being a parent of a child with serious health challenges.

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