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Want to read some really encouraging stories of God at work in the lives of everyday Aussies? Here at Vision we hear them every day and we've gathered a few for you right here.

Lessons from the Life of David (5)

‘These are the last words of David.’ 2 Samuel 23:1 NLT Someday we will all die, and our last words are often considered some of our most important. The question is, have you lived to your highest potential and fulfilled God’s purpose for your life? The Bible says, ‘These are the last words of David.’ …Read More


Helping youth follow Jesus

Islamic Radicalisation – Is It Reversible? Daniel Shayesteh

“We are called to fight especially against Christianity and Judaism, and we are called to establish the Caliphate in the world and to demolish any other non-Islamic sign in the world.” But Daniel’s life turned right side up after going to a church in Turkey and reading the Bible. “By studying the Bible and the …Read More

The Rise of Radical Islam – Peter Riddell

The recent terror attacks in London and Manchester have shocked the world. But Professor Peter Riddell saw warning signs of rising radicalism in Britain decades ago. Now some argue that terrorism is the new normal, and Riddell says this is partly thanks to a flawed approach to multiculturalism, and Western countries ‘dropping the ball’. Professor …Read More

God Is On The Move

Dr Kameel Majdali

2017 Australian Speaking Tour

Jason’s Australia Day switch to Vision

This is Jason’s testimony of what happened when he changed to another station on his radio. It was another Australia and Jason was attending to his usual habits – drinking and smoking and listening to the national broadcaster. No doubt no different to many other Aussies when January 26 comes around. But Jason wasn’t a …Read More

Margarite from Brisbane Promotes Vision Radio

This is Margarite who called Vision Radio recently to share about her faith and her work as an evangelist with Operation Mobilisation. “Whether I’m sitting in the gutter talking to somebody in India or in a millionaire’s home somewhere in America, we all need Jesus. He’s the answer.” “We as Christians need to have the …Read More

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Domestic Violence In the Church – Pastor Rob Mann

“I refuse to use a set of wedding vows that talks about obey. I refuse. I just won’t do it!” “The work we did on that found there was just as much domestic violence within the church as there was on the outside.” “Now if you read the Scriptures, nowhere, nowhere, nowhere in all of …Read More

What On Earth is Cory Bernardi Doing?

The title of the article was a light-hearted quip from Neil Johnson during a recent discussion with Senator Cory Bernardi. The 20Twenty host was playing advocate for Liberal Party members undoubtedly aghast at the latest Liberal ‘abdication’ torpedo to penetrate the hull of the LNP, Australia’s major conservative party. But the Senator was not short …Read More

The Outback Struggle – Liz Howland

One woman’s lifetime mission brings a ray of hope to the Outback. “As I just drive I’m praying and asking the Lord, ‘Where are the greatest needs?” “You’d be amazed at the number of times I’ve turned up at these places and the owner will say, ‘You’re just here at the very right time.’” “They …Read More

Melted Hearts As One – Donny McGregor

A generation called to carry and spread the fire of God “We’ll be seeing this land, this nation, taking its place in terms of God’s purposes on the earth.” “We’ve seen how God is actually bringing together both indigenous and non-indigenous people in worship and in prayer.” “And then God spoke to me and He …Read More

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