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Welcome This Change!

‘The things that are unseen are eternal.’ 2 Corinthians 4:18 ESV We enjoy the blessings of change, but not the process of change. We’re creatures of habit. We form our habits, and our habits form us. Then we start to see things exclusively from our own perspective. And when that happens—we stagnate. The truth is, …Read More

It’s Time for a Gospel Reset – Ken Ham

“The church hasn’t impacted the culture…the culture has impacted the church…You can be your own God…and I make my own rules and laws.” Ken Ham, author ‘Gospel Reset’.

‘I’ve Been Banned from Facebook, Again!’ – Bill Muehlenberg

To be banned from Facebook may be interpreted as a form of intimidation could it not? “We are now in enemy occupied territory..You name it, it’s getting hostile out there.” Bill Muehlenberg.

Devotions for Youth

Whose Kingdom Are You Building?

Did you know it’s possible to spend your life serving God and end up not really knowing Him? It’s possible to build a big Church, big youth ministry or big online platform and completely forget who it’s all really for.

Helpful Tips from Other Step-Parents

Stepfamilies are on the increase and, with much love and hard work, a blended family home can be a happy and positive place to be.

Marriott Hotels Orders Extra Bibles

A tradition appreciated by many, objected to by few

Chinese Crack Down on Religion

Chinese citizens can practice any religion officially recognised

World Vision Ready to Help the Philippines

More than five million people were at risk from the latest typhoon

For King & Country’s Chart-Topping ‘Joy’: The Surprising Backstory

It’s hard not to be moved by its driving beat and message: about choosing a joyous outlook despite the world’s troubles; about looking up from our depressing news feeds, and connecting as humans.

The Fifth Wheel Worship Centre – Tony & Mina Gunter   

“There are some people who think you can find all of that in one woman. I said you’d need 9 day weeks and 36 hour days!” Tony Gunter on finding the Proverbs 31 girl.

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