Heads of many of the Christian denominations within Australia have combined together to call the nation to prayer.

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Come together this Sunday morning on Vision Christian Radio where there will be worship, good conversation, prayer, teaching and communion.

Having The Overcoming Attitude

‘There is wonderful joy ahead.’ 1 Peter 1:6 NLT In 1962, in a classic study called Cradles of Eminence, Victor and Mildred Goertzel investigated the family backgrounds of more than 400 highly successful people. They sought to identify the early experiences that may have contributed to their remarkable achievements in life. They included people like …Read More

The Tomb Is Far Emptier than the Shelves Will Ever Be

Easter is on it’s way and we didn’t think we would be giving up quite this much for Lent in 2020….

Reflecting Christ When Letting Staff Go During the Coronavirus

This week Darren Laudenbach had to let forty of his restaurant staff go, but he shares how he did it in a loving and practical way so they’ll want to come back when the business reopens.

Viral Effect of the Gospel to Women in Community Groups

An incredible example of how the Gospel is going viral in African communities and the power to change a whole nation when just one life is transformed by Christ.

Loving Your Neighbour During the Pandemic

There are many innovative ways to love your neighbour and share the Gospel during Australia’s lockdown.

Pray and Let God Worry

Pastor Greg Laurie on what do to when the whole world appears to be in a state of panic.

A Mega-Church Pastor’s Letter to His Congregation

What are pastors saying to their congregations during the Coronavirus pandemic? Pastor Jeff Vines shares a letter he just sent to his church of 15,000.

The Treasury Project – Week 13

This week’s memory verse is John 14:1 – Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in Me.

A New Chapter is About to Begin

May 2020 will mark the start of a new chapter in Vision’s ongoing story of impact and growth.

Pointing the Way of Hope in a Culture of Fear

Which would you say has been the bigger contagion— Coronavirus, or the whirlwind of fear and uncertainty nurtured by constant commentary about it?

Bottom Up Change

We are awash with activism—much of it fueled by fear arising from our society’s increasing detachment from the truth and certainty of God.

How a School Shooting Led Matt Prater to Ministry

Matt Prater talks about the terrifying shooting at his high school, and how it revealed his calling in ministry.

Leaving a Legacy of Christian Hope

US Church Holds Drive-In Service in Response to Coronavirus

Hundreds of people attended, sitting in their parked cars to listen to the music and preaching through FM transmission.

Chinese Christian Homeschool Parent Faces Court

China’s communist government has filed a lawsuit against a Christian mother who chose to homeschool her child.

War Zone Bibles for South Sudanese Soldiers

Special Bibles for use in war zones are being produced for soldiers in South Sudan.

Communication Advice for Husbands and Wives

Divorce filings have spiked in China after couples were forced to spend time together in the Coronavirus lockdown. Don’t let this happen to your marriage.

Preaching to Empty Auditoriums

Pastor Jeff Vines shares his experience, while reminding us that its now more important than ever to continue meeting, even if we have to find new ways of doing it.

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