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The 700th Station is now operational!

We are excited to announce our 700th station is operating now in Lake Nash, Northern Territory.

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Want to read some really encouraging stories of God at work in the lives of everyday Aussies? Here at Vision we hear them every day and we've gathered a few for you right here.

Understanding Satan’s Role (4)

‘Hand that man over to Satan.’
 1 Corinthians 5:5 CEV Satan’s attack can be a wake-up call. Do you know that when you refuse to acknowledge your sin and repent of it, the wall of protection around you is breached and Satan is free to come in and attack you? Paul writes to the Corinthian …Read More

Fearless Evangelist, Champion Mum – Helen Devenish

“What sort of people make the most passionate witnesses for Christ, sharing their faith, and helping people understand the Good News message of salvation that is the Gospel?” Neil Johnson raised the question when introducing Helen Devenish to the program. Helen is a wife, mother, pastor, evangelist, and let’s not forget – an accomplished artist! …Read More

Gay Marriage After the Honeymoon – Augusto Zimmerman

The Consequences of Same Sex Marriage Same sex marriage may look rosy at the start, but as other countries have discovered the law can quickly change. Here is how Dr Augusto Zimmerman has intimated it can play out: If the religious exemptions don’t get you the anti-discrimination laws more than likely will. Dr Zimmermann is …Read More

On Tour with Kameel Majdali – A Burdensome Stone

(An excerpt from Dr Kameel Majdali’s 2017 tour on a stopover at Cairns, Queensland.) “Friends if we don’t know the Bible we are in serious trouble.” “Bible-believing Christians need courage and strength in these days and that comes by obeying the Word of God.” “The darkness is getting darker but the brightness is getting brighter” …Read More


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Dr Kameel Majdali

2017 Australian Speaking Tour

Too Ashamed to Walk with God

One of the purposes of Vision Christian Media’s is to help, support and encourage Christians who may find they’re struggling in the Christian lives. James from Adelaide called Robbo and Becci on the Rise and Shine programme to thank Vision Radio for helping to restore his faith in Jesus Christ. James is a Christian who had …Read More

A Positive, Faith-filled Voice

Pastor Peter Pilt is National Director of Global Care, the Missions Director of INC (International Network of Churches) and Senior Pastor of Impact Church, Canberra.  He’s a regular guest on Vision Radio, with his insightful view of life in Australia. He admits he is passionately patriotic and loves being an Australian – but he is …Read More

Media is becoming the bridge to bringing Australians to faith in God

E.A Mullen, Guest Writer. The Spiritual Condition in Australia Falling church attendance. The rejection of traditional religion and the embrace of new age spirituality. The demonisation of Christianity by mainstream media leading to a general mistrust of churches. These are common challenges faced by many church leaders regardless of the denomination they belong to. Is …Read More

The Blind Healer – Father Mike Endicott

A Baptist minister called John…retired with cancer that had spread through his stomach, bowels and spine…he’s stage 4, terminal. “We just sat and talked to him about the Good News of the Kingdom of God,” said Mike, saying they do this because this is what Jesus taught His people to do. A month passed by …Read More

Victory Over A Chronic Illness

A family’s journey through a child’s chronic illness “It’s friends as well. It’s friends who will stand with you and pray when you have run out of prayers.” “It’s family who keep turning up and loving you.” “And there’s something very precious about being in a community of people of faith, who can uphold you …Read More

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