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You Are Special

‘I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ Psalm 139:14 NKJV Sarah Hupp writes: ‘Did you know you started out as a single cell, and within that cell was enough DNA to hold the equivalent of 1,000 volumes of coded blueprints? Or that this DNA determined the colour of your hair and …Read More

Family, Faith and Freedom Under Threat in Upcoming Election

Not only could late-term taxpayer funded abortions be legalised, but there is also the threat of freedoms being taken away from parents to raise children with Biblical values.

What the Chistchurch Gunman’s Manifesto Actually Says

Many people have assumed that the Christchurch gunman has extremist right wing views, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Choosing Jesus When Leaving Islam is Against the Law

Would you choose to follow Jesus, even if it was against the law? That’s now the reality for many ethnic Malaysians.

How Could a God of Love Allow the Christchurch Massacre? – Jeff Vines

NZ prides itself on inclusivity and tolerance. But “inclusivity” and “tolerance” will not heal the broken hearted. Broken hearts need mending and mere sentiment and ideologies will not suffice.

How to Talk to Your Children About Tragic Events

With the recent massacre in New Zealand, how do you talk to your children about tragic events without shattering their innocence?

The Surprising Story of Judas Iscariot – Greg Laurie

One of the most misunderstood people of the Bible was Jesus’ disciple Judas Iscariot. Some would even say he was pushed into betraying Christ, but that’s not what the Bible says.

Bible Translation Acceleration Amid Persecution

Eighty Nigerian pastors have attended a Bible translation conference

Bible Coffee-Table Books Highlight Beauty in Faith

The books’ creators have the same passion – and the same name

Devotions for Youth

How to Encourage Your Christian Husband as a Spiritual Leader

Is your husband the spiritual leader of your home? Would you like him to be?

Preparing for Marriage, Not Just Your Wedding

Most couples spend so much time planning for their wedding day, but very little time planning for their marriage. I know, because several years ago that young bride to be was me.

Abortion Survivor Forgives Birth Mother

At 14 years old, Melissa Ohden found out she had survived an attempted abortion.

Taking Courageous Steps to Save Your Marriage

Ann White’s marriage was in desperate trouble, but she was terrified to let anyone know. 

How Do We Know Christianity is the Exclusive Truth? – Ravi Zacharias

In a recent Question & Answer session at Yale University in the US, a student asked Ravi Zacharias: ‘What brings us to believe that Christianity is the exclusive way to truth?’

From a Small Seed…

On the first of March 1999, just one month after the first Vision radio broadcast went to air in Beaudesert, the second relay station began transmitting in the Queensland country town of Kingaroy.

Planting in Tasmania

Five years after Vision radio had begun its first broadcast nearly 170 relay stations had been installed across mainland Australia. But there wasn’t a single one in Tasmania. It was proving to be the final frontier.

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