For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder... Isaiah 9:6 KJV

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Change Your Attitude Towards It

‘Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!’ Philippians 4:4 NKJV Cheryl continually complained that she didn’t make enough money, couldn’t afford the things she wanted, and therefore wasn’t going to amount to anything. Her counsellor said, ‘You’re wasting your energy complaining, instead of using it to get ahead.’ Cheryl countered, ‘You don’t …Read More

Man Up and Legacy – Matt and Katrina Christie

“It’s about building better men to be better fathers. That’s the whole concept of Man Up through to the next generations,” Matt shared.

Religious Freedom and the Long Wait for Sex Discrimination Changes  

Some people don’t want to concede religious freedom influences everything. “They want to try and confine it to the private space of the home and the church hall,” Charles Newington,

Dave & Ashley Willis – Practical Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Even if your marriage is in a good place, you can still make it stronger.

Returning to a Godly Perspective on Sex and Romance

In today’s hookup culture, intimacy between a man and woman has lost all value and meaning.

Discovering Your Money Type

The way you handle money has to do with the way God has uniquely wired you. Which of the seven ‘money types’ are you?

Devotions for Youth

The Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopian Church

The Ark is allegedly housed at St. Mary’s of Zion Church in Axum, Ethiopia

Christians Split on Alcohol Consumption

A new survey claims the majority of Christians abstain from drinking alcohol

Churches Urged to Support WaterAid

Every minute, a newborn baby tragically dies from an infection caused by dirty water

The History of Christmas: Its Biblical Roots

Because of the pagan roots of holidays at the end of December, many Christians believe we should avoid Christmas altogether. This classic message from Chuck Missler delves into the historical Biblical roots of Christmas.

Project Boost & Anna Hetherington’s Story

One hundred kilometres north of Longreach is a property that’s been experiencing drought for the last six years. Anna Hetherington and her family have been really doing it tough. And getting spiritual input so far outback isn’t easy.

Life to the Full – For Today & Future Generations

Don’t you love the innocence of kids? They play, they explore. Their minds haven’t yet been shaped by the cares of this world and the thinking that so often holds us adults back. But the thief is doing all he can to steal the hope of today’s and future generations.

Darlene Zschech – Finding God in All Seasons

Darlene Zschech on how she found God in all seasons of her life, from leading Hillsong Worship, singing for the Pope, surviving cancer and pastoring a church with her husband Mark.

How to Share Your Faith at Work

When it comes to sharing our faith and impacting the environment around us, it can be hard to know what the best approach is. Especially in a work environment, where we often want to keep our faith private.

US School Bans Candy Canes – Says J Shape Stands for Jesus

A principal in the US has tried to ban all Christmas themed decorations – especially candy canes – from classrooms.

Religious Freedom Vote Now Unlikely in 2018

A vote this year is now unlikely on controversial changes to the Sex Discrimination Act that would remove the ability of faith-based schools to enforce Biblical principles around students’ sexuality.

‘Tis the Season, Jesus is the Reason

We love the festive season! The lights, the decorations, the tree, the family gatherings and endless supply of Christmas day leftovers. But why do we celebrate?

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