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Deb Gadd shares her recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land on our Vision Christian Tours annual trip to Israel.

S.O.S. Prayers

‘God is our mighty fortress, always ready to help in times of trouble. And so, we won’t be afraid!’ Psalm 46:1–2 CEV One day a woman was driving through the countryside when she saw a tornado approaching, so she hid behind her car and watched as it demolished a nearby house. Running over to what …Read More

Virtual Reality Church Has Arrived – DJ Soto

The VR mega-church that’s even attracting atheists. “One thing we’re working on is when Jesus is walking on the water, and you’re on the boat.” DJ Soto

The Big Religious Freedom of Speech Wait – Michael Kellahan

“Then the question becomes ‘What has happened since the marriage laws changed? Do you have pastors in prison yet?’” Michael Kellahan

Devotions for Youth

Dr Kameel Majdali Australian Tour

Supermarket Downgrades Importance of ”Mum”

UK supermarket under fire for appearing to nullify the importance of mum,

Drone-flying Attracts Young Christians

An American church is attracting students with a mentoring programme on drone-flying.

Accusations of Interference in Abortion Laws

A Christian activist group accuses UK Labour party of intervening in Northern Ireland’s abortion laws.

God Is On The Move

‘My Home Is In Heaven…’ Billy Graham

Multitudes of Christians and non-Christians alike have mourned the death of Billy Graham who passed away peacefully at his home in Montreat, North Carolina.

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Raising a Child with a Disability – Jude and Daisy Morris

“We’re talking about sleeplessness, we’re talking about exhaustion, we’re talking about social isolation and fear of what’s going to happen in the future,” Daisy said saying it’s very scary for parents looking at it from a long term perspective.

The Sandwich Generation, ‘Care For the Carers’ – Tuly Rosenfeld

“It’s care that just happens. No one’s really counting it and certainly no one’s paying for it. It comes out of people’s own goodwill and sense of responsibility.”

HOW Unchurched People Are Finding Faith Today – Lynne Taylor

Coming to faith in Christ or having an encounter with God are just a couple of the captions we use to express when belief is born in the heart of an individual.

Lionheart’s Disciples Winning Young Hearts –  Tosh Sturgess

“It becomes a deep thing for the child when God answers their prayers. They’re two minute segments because the kids’ attention spans are jumping from one thing to another.”

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