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The Wonder Of Grace

‘For by grace you have been saved through faith.’ Ephesians 2:8 NRS Some of us live as if God has a big performance chart with our name on it and, at the end of each day, He grades us to determine if He will love us more, or less, or at all. You say, ‘If …Read More

40 Day Prayer & Worship Relay

The National 40 Day Prayer & Worship Relay is making a big impact on Australia, and Vision is proud to be part of it. Beginning on the 1st of March, churches and gatherings across the country have been praying day and night. Check out our prayer map and calendar to see all the action, and …Read More

Power in Prayer – 40 Day Prayer and Worship Relay

Vision proudly supports this year’s 40 Day Prayer & Worship relay, which is now well underway. We want you to join us, and pray for Australia, in hope of bringing people to Jesus, and bringing revival to our nation. Every day until the 9th of April, a church somewhere in Australia will pray for twenty-four …Read More


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Forget the Budget, Use A Spending Plan

‘If you are saving you don’t need a budget’ It sounds like a radical statement, but is it? An early morning conversation between Robbo and Becci on Vision Radio’s Rise and Shine breakfast show included an introductory preamble as the pair prepared to introduce guest Greg Lanyon. Greg’s a financial planner and the development partner …Read More

God Is On The Move

Christian Media Mission To Remote Kimberley Communities – Brian Sonneman

Christian outback ministry, Chariots of Fire are headed for the Kimberley to some of the most remote communities in WA. The team to fire up God TV and support Vision’s ministry includes legendary Australian country Gospel singer Dan Vogler, indigenous preacher Mathew Bidgedanga, and Chariots of Fire’s Brian Sonneman. Brian Sonneman said projects of this …Read More

‘The Fate of Children Caught in Marriage Breakups’ – Stephen Potts

“One of those really big risks of asking children for their views is that it directly draws them into the dispute between their parents.” “How old does the child have to be before they can choose where they live when their parents separate?” Family law specialist Stephen Potts from Neumann and Turnour lawyers in Brisbane …Read More

‘The Hidden Half’ Women In Islam – Dr Stuart Robinson

“In Islam there is no such a thing as human rights, there is only Allah’s rights.” “Muslims regard Mohammad as being the perfect man and his life, what he said and did, is the example.” “Women are the most harmful trial and affliction to men. Child marriage is permissible.” “Some of things that come out …Read More

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