God is still on the move in Australia, and each one of us has a part to play. What will yours be?

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God Has Set A Time To Favour You

‘You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favour to her; the appointed time has come.’ Psalm 102:13 NIV All of your life can be training for one season, one God-given assignment, one purpose. You may determine the number of years required to graduate from university with your degree. …Read More

The Looming Disaster Awaiting Christian Schools

Saturday’s election is predicted in the pre-election polls to be a watershed moment for Christians in Australia. What will be at stake if the values and beliefs of the entire Christian church are re-classified as hate crimes?

How Should we Respond to People who Call Christians Hypocrites?

One of the biggest criticisms people have about Christians today is the belief that the Church is just a bunch of hypocrites.

God’s Plan for Sex & Marriage – Greg Laurie

God has invented marriage and it is insane to me that we think that we can now redefine it. God has given us this template. The further we get from it the worse things become.

6 Comforting Bible Verses for Hard Times

Have you ever gone through a really tough season in life? A time where everything seemed to be going wrong and you didn’t know what God was up to?

What Baby Names are Australian Parents Choosing this Year?

Each year, the states and territories around Australia reveal the top names given to babies in the previous year.

Welcoming But Not Affirming

Christians have been caught off guard as culture is accelerating an acceptance for all things LGBT and offering both truth and grace towards people who experience same-sex attraction is becoming confusing and difficult.

Making Your Kitchen the Heart of Your New Marriage

Engaged couples can get so stressed about planning their wedding that they don’t prepare well for their marriage! 

New Anglicare Project Educates Homeless Youths

The initiative teaches them about good nutrition and food preparation

North Korean Christian Helps Defectors

Kim Yong-hwa runs a South Korean-based ministry that helps other North Korean defectors find their way to safety

Indian Christians Under Pressure

Christian families face being cut off from amenities and land if they don’t convert to Hinduism

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