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What To Do When You Feel Let Down By Christian Leaders

Pastor Ken Legg thinks at some point we will all be let down or hurt by church leaders and those in authority. It could also be our local pastor or home group leader.

How Positive Words Can Change Your Life

Sharon Jaynes recounts an embarrassing voicemail incident that God used to remind her of the power of thoughts and the impact of words.

Bibles for Bubs

The Bible Society is offering free Bible resources to all babies born in 2021. “It’s all about getting as many people as possible to open the Bible everywhere.”

“Help! My Church is Embracing Heresy”

David Ould says there are many churches who take the call to teach the Bible seriously, but there are also many who don’t.

How God Speaks to Us

When you believe the Bible, you know things that other people don’t know. In fact, God reveals things to Christians that non-Christians don’t understand.

Top Christian Musician Urges Believers to Share “Broken Chapters”

Matthew West says when Christians keep their feelings inside, they allow the enemy to have a foothold.

World Vision Campaign Highlights Global Educational Barriers

Violence, abuse, child marriage, and child labour prevent millions of children from going to school every year.

The Treasury Project – Week 60

This week’s memory verse is 1 Peter 5:7 – Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

Vacancy: Assistant Project Officer

Vision Christian Media is looking for the right person to join our Broadcast Operations Team. 12 month Part time paid position.

Leaving a Legacy of Christian Hope

Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

2021 is off to a great start, with four new Vision stations being launched in January!

Lord, Teach Me to Pray

“I’m the first to admit that I have found prayer difficult at times. Sometimes I wonder why we pray at all if God already knows everything we need.” – Melinda McCredie

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