Protect Your Sense Of God’s Presence

‘How can the Ark of the Lord come to me?’ 2 Samuel 6:9 NKJV In the Old Testament the most recognised symbol of God’s presence was the Ark of the Covenant. Wherever the Ark was, God’s presence was there. But Israel allowed the Philistines to steal it. There’s an important lesson here. Satan is out …Read More

God’s Everyday Miracles – Darryl Stewart

Miracles. Where? “It’s the funniest thing. It’s not the big churches. It’s the home groups, the small churches, the ones that don’t normally get a mention.” Darryl Stewart.

Outback Aviation Chaplaincy Prepares For Take-Off – David Alley

“Together, with the help of other Christians we haven’t met yet, we’ll end up learning and meeting and loving a lot of people.” David Alley, Outback Aviation Chaplaincy.

A Cross in Time – Yvonne Griese

‘I really wanted to broaden people’s concept of how powerful their prayers are, and what incredible authority we have in the name of Jesus Christ.’ Author Yvonne Griese talks about God’s big picture thinking, and the inspirations behind her new novel.

On Death Row For 28 Years For A Crime He Didn’t Commit. How Anthony Ray Hinton Stayed Joyful

In 1985 Anthony Ray Hinton was charged with the murders of two restaurant managers in Birmingham, Alabama. A jury found him guilty, a judge sentenced him to death. But he was innocent.

Hope for Those With Little Faith

Let me confess something about myself. I’m not some kind of model Christian. By nature I’m a pessimist and a worrier. Often, little things cause me stress.

Financial Tips for Married Couples

In many western countries, the divorce rate in many western countries is nearly 50%! Money shouldn’t tear us apart, in fact it should be an opportunity to bring us closer together.

Devotions for Youth

Church Tightens Up on Climate Change

Church won’t invest in companies that don’t comply with Paris Agreement

Pope’s Concerns for Persecuted Christians

Christians urged to remember persecuted brothers and sisters in prayer

Australia’s Neglected Mission Field

Perth couple look to expand Victorian foster care service

Why Does God Allow Suffering? – Greg Laurie

Have you ever wondered why God allows tragedy? Maybe it’s hit you, something has happened – a call from the doctor with bad news, the unexpected death of a loved one, or just a personal struggle you’re facing.

‘A Journey of the Heart’ Part 1 – Abida Peltola

“Also (in the Quran) He did not die a shameful death on the cross. Allah picked Him up alive so He didn’t have to suffer. So all Muslims know Jesus is alive.” Abida Peltola

Tribute To Chuck Missler

The Yellow Black Attack Is Back!

“We’re excited to come and perform a lot of new songs… and we’re going to be doing the classic songs as well.” Stryper frontman Michael Sweet.

The Rise of Christian Hip Hop – D4C

Rhys Solomon’s stage name, D4C, stands for disciple for Christ. Churches haven’t always been open to Christian rappers, but he says that’s starting to change. He tells us what it’s like to be a misfit in the hip hop crowd, and how it felt when his new single became a surprise hit.

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