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The Power of Intercessory Prayer

‘Moses… stood before [God] in the breach.’ Psalm 106:23 NKJV Sometimes God moves sovereignly, giving you neither notice nor explanation. Other times He moves only in answer to prayer. The prayers of Rees Howells, ‘the Welsh intercessor’, were so powerful that they’re credited with thwarting the Nazis and influencing certain events in World War II. …Read More


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Set Free From the Pain of Abortion – Kay Painter

Significant things are happening around Australia to do with abortion and the state of Queensland is no exception. American Kay Painter was attending the Cherish Life Queensland Annual Dinner as a guest speaker and the international author and speaker told Vision Radio’s 20Twenty listeners this was her ninth visit to Australia. The purpose of the visit …Read More

Justin Gardner – ‘Living the Remarkable Christian Life’

A recent guest on 20Twenty was author and pastor Justin Gardner who talked about his latest book that’s simply called ‘Remarkable’. But there was nothing simple about either ‘Remarkable’ the book, or its writer. Justin’s authored other books. In fact, he’s now written five. The first titled ‘Crime Son’ was about his upbringing submerged in …Read More

Pursued by God!

Bible Knowledge And Bible Trivia – What’s the Difference?

Has there been a drop in Bible knowledge over recent times that’s discernible in today’s Christian circles? And what does Bible trivia have to do with it? This was the topic addressed by Dr Brendan Roach on Vision radio recently. Dr Roach is both president and principal of the Harvest Bible College based in Victoria …Read More

‘A Merry Heart Does Good Like a Medicine’ – Pastor Rob Mann

“People are odd and they do really funny things”. “One of the things that we’ve lost is the capacity to laugh at ourselves.” “Pastors meet a lot of people of all shapes and sizes and as a result, funny stuff happens.” These are quotes from one particular man of the cloth who was a recent guest …Read More

Making Children’s Ministries More Biblical – Terry Williams

“We need to learn a different way to engage our young children with the truth and excitement of God’s story.” “I see too many weekend events at churches, (the church service format), organized to meet the needs of adults.” “The programs devised for children’s church evolve from that worldview.” These controversial statements reflecting the condescending …Read More

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