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Remind Yourself That God Is Faithful

‘It is right to refresh your memory.’ 2 Peter 1:13 NIV A pole-vaulter only discovers how high he can jump when he clears the bar. Then he sets it higher. God does that too. He stretches your faith to what seems like your breaking point. Pastor and author Jon Walker says: ‘At one point I …Read More

Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Dave Carder helps you affair-proof your marriage by revealing how attractions can lead to affairs, and how you can make wise, protective decisions.

Is it Possible to Teach Teens Wise Technology Habits?

Navigating your teen’s digital world may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

Athlete Suffers Heart Failure 6 Weeks after C-Section

Julie Manning on how her life was turned upside-down, and how God has graciously showed her the importance of living every day as if it might be the last.

Knowing Who You Are In Christ

Michele Cushatt shares how three bouts with cancer brought her to a place of peace with herself and with God, as she began to reconcile with the One who has loved her and accepted her from the start.

Holy See Launches Athletics Club

Vatican residents are swapping robes and clerical collars for tracksuits and trainers

Christian Couple Lose Right to Home School

Petra and Dirk Wunderlich were educating their four children at home in 2013

Soccer Boss Believes Everything Is God’s Will

Nathan Jones extolled by Church of England bishop for talking about his faith

Project Boost & Anna Hetherington’s Story

One hundred kilometres north of Longreach is a property that’s been experiencing drought for the last six years. Anna Hetherington and her family have been really doing it tough. And getting spiritual input so far outback isn’t easy.

Life to the Full – For Today & Future Generations

Don’t you love the innocence of kids? They play, they explore. Their minds haven’t yet been shaped by the cares of this world and the thinking that so often holds us adults back. But the thief is doing all he can to steal the hope of today’s and future generations.

Joyce Meyer Says Her Prosperity Views ‘Got Out Of Balance’

Joyce Meyer has posted a video saying her views on prosperity and faith “got out of balance”…

5 Things I’ve Learnt from a New Year Dawning

Being in my late forties, one thing I’ve come to realise is that New Year’s resolutions just don’t work for me.

A while back, something changed. Instead of making up a New Year’s resolution I paused and when I paused, I felt like God told me to be quiet. Have you ever had that feeling?

What Do I Say To Someone Who Asks “Why Does God Allow Evil?”

The question of evil is possibly one of the most common barriers to people coming into a relationship with God. Questions like; “How can God let that happen?” or “If God cared wouldn’t He stop evil from happening?”

Meet the Army Chaplain Helping Military Men and Women to Heal

When a soldier returns from deployment in a warzone, it’s inevitable they will return home changed or affected in some way.

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