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Finishing Strong In Ministry (1)

‘I have finished the race.’ 2 Timothy 4:7 NKJV Did you know that over half of those who enter the ministry leave before retirement? Why? There are lots of reasons—here is one of them: They discover that great revelation is accompanied by a ‘thorn’. The apostle Paul, who wrote half the New Testament, says: ‘To …Read More

Staff Vacancy – Full Time Radio News Writer/Reader

An exciting opportunity exists for a passionate and experienced news writer and reader to join Vision Christian Media.

Hope for Families with Prodigals

Bill Putman and his prodigal son Jim, share their experience and the valuable spiritual lessons God taught them about unconditional love and accountability.

Couples Struggling with Infertility Need More From Us

Sheridan Voysey shares his personal experience and says people with broken dreams like involuntary childlessness hunger for hope and deep community.

The Christian Foundations of Freedom of Speech

Is the decline of Christianity in our culture to blame for the radical changes in freedom of speech laws?

Labor Regrets Ignoring Christian Voters

ACL’s Martyn Iles shares how the Labor Party now blames ignoring of religious voters as the key reason they lost the Election.

National Rugby Coach Plants Eternal Seeds

Metric Ikitoelagi talks about putting God at the centre of his team’s recent tour.

Australian Pastor’s “Peace Pilgrimage” Along Irish Border

A Perth pastor says he felt prompted by God in a dream to walk the 500-kilometre border ahead of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Survey Shows Teen Challenge Works

A landmark survey has confirmed the success of the faith-based Teen Challenge addiction recovery program.

Delirious? The Next Generation

Many assumed that since Elle was the daughter of Delirious? lead singer Martin Smith she would become a musician too, but that wasn’t the case until God spoke into her life.

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