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Is God Directing You To Zarephath?

‘Go at once to Zarephath… and stay there.’ 1 Kings 17:9 NIV The stream Elijah had been drinking from dried up and the ravens that brought him food every day stopped coming. When that happens God’s trying to get your attention! He’s getting you ready to move. Next God sent Elijah to an impoverished widow …Read More


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A Blood and Guts Good News Story – Peter Pearson

Peter Pearson’s book, A Blood and Guts Good News Story, has been described as a must-read for anyone on a journey to spiritual maturity. It’s his attempt to talk to men like himself, in a language they’ll understand, about how finding faith transformed his life. Neil Johnson recently spoke to Peter about the experiences that …Read More

‘The 40-Day Prayer Relay’ – Warwick Marsh

‘The 40-Day Prayer Relay’ is Australia’s Response to a 100 Year plus prayer meeting that took place almost four centuries ago. You may recall an interview story titled ‘A Canopy of Prayer’ that featured Dr Jason Hubbard who spoke about the recent revival in America based on a prayer meeting that lasted more than 100 …Read More

What Happens After the Battle for Mosul?

The city of Mosul is the Islamic State’s largest stronghold in Iraq, and the biggest city they’ve ever held. On 17 October, after months of anticipation, the fight to recapture the city began. It’s expected to be the worst battle in Iraq since the US invaded the country in 2003. But the United Nations has …Read More

Money and Our Relationship With God

Alex Cook from Wealth With Purpose was a guest on Vision radio’s 20Twenty show recently. Alex offers courses, coaching, and consultancy on financial matters and he’s been doing it for a long time. Two decades in fact. Better still, Alex is passionate about helping Christians use and build wealth for God’s kingdom. ‘The Bible has …Read More

A New Attack on the Chinese Church

China is becoming a new heartland for Christianity, with estimates suggesting that there are between 70 and 100 million Christians spread throughout the continent. But the communist party, perceiving a threat to their power, have recently published strict new regulations on religious freedom. 20Twenty’s Neil Johnson caught up with religious liberty analyst Elizabeth Kendal, to …Read More

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