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What the Federal Budget Means for Christians

Traditionally the Liberal Party has been fairly conservative when it comes to speaking, but our expert panel of Christian financial experts say their ideological changes in spending means less freedoms for everyday Aussies.

Does Christianity Cause a Natural High?

People who exercise feel good because of the natural high that comes from endorphins. The same is true for Christian worship and quiet time with God.

Marriage in Two Words

Pastor Greg Laurie shares the two words that could change your marriage forever.

How Birth Order Affects Your Children

Brett and Kate Ryan say that these are not hard and fast rules though, but they do have an influence over how siblings interact with one another.

The Treasury Project – Week 72

This week’s memory verse is Matthew 28:18 – Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to Me.’

Efforts to Wipe Out Malaria Have Stalled

Until a vaccine is ready, the main weapon in the fight against malaria is the insecticide-treated mosquito net.

Street Preacher Arrested in London

Pastor John Sherwood was arrested in the centre of Uxbridge in April and detained overnight.

An Inspiring Adoption Journey

It was a long and difficult 6 year journey for Sarah Hayden and her husband to adopt their first child from Taiwan, but say the rewards were well worth it.

Leaving a Legacy of Christian Hope

The Future of Worship: How COVID Changed the Way We Church

The pandemic altered the way many people come together to worship, but according to some church leaders, that change is here to stay.

Marriage in Two Words

Pastor Greg Laurie shares the two words that could change your marriage forever.

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