In the early centuries of church history, the Hebrew foundations of Christianity were removed due to anti-Jewish biases and the cost to both Jews and Christians was huge. Context and culture are incredibly important for understanding the Bible correctly. Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper was painted in 1498 and over half a millennia later …Read More

Christians With Anxiety? It’s More Common Than You Think

Many Christians, believing that their trust in God should eliminate things like doubt and fear, keep quiet about their anxiety or try their best to ignore it, feeling like a failure because their mental health is less than perfect.

10 Ways to Find Time for Romance When Your Children are Little

Thankfully, just because you have kids doesn’t mean that your marriage has to take a back seat.

Women of the Persecuted Church

Powerful personal stories from women who are risking their lives for choosing to follow Christ.

China’s Churches Thriving Despite Persecution

The local government’s laws for illegal religious activities come with serious punishment, from unemployment to imprisonment. And Christian converts are suffering.

Why Easter is Dangerous for the Church in India

A leader of a Hindu extremist group has declared he will rid India of Christianity by 2021. Attacks tend to increase as the church gathers which is why Easter is becoming an increasingly dangerous time to attend church.

Share Your Easter Story

Have you ever struggled to share your own testimony? Well, Easter is the perfect time to start!

How to Positively Influence Your Husband

You can’t change your husband, but you can influence him. Gary Thomas encourages women to know who they are in Scripture and the calling God places on their lives.

What Will Save New Zealand? – Jeff Vines

Jeff was in NZ during the recent mosque shootings. When he got back to his church in California, he delivered a powerful message about the shootings and the one thing that will truly save the country.

Jesus’ Famous Last Words – Greg Laurie

Jesus’ last words while hanging on the cross were seven profound statements that reflected His love for the lost and the accomplishment of His purpose.

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