Bringing the Gospel to TikTok

You can’t preach to empty streets, so during lockdown, Operation 513’s evangelists went online. Now they’ve made the Gospel a massive hit on TikTok.

A New Pro-life Movement in Vietnam is Saving Lives

In Vietnam 1.5 million abortions are carried out every year. And women average 2.5 abortions each. The numbers are staggering, but a new movement is making a big difference.

How Your Support of Vision is Changing Lives

Phil Edwards, CEO of Vision, shares what Visionathon is all about, and how Vision’s core focus remains sharing God’s truth with every listener, every day.

Joan Grosser – Changed By India – Part 2

Joan and Bill Grosser have lived quite extraordinary lives! When they had only been married 3 months, they were challenged to go to India as missionaries.

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