Miranda Burness – Struck Down In Her Prime – Part 1

When Miranda Burness was in her late twenties, everything seemed to be going her way. She had a successful business and was on her way to becoming an international netball umpire.

An Eternal Perspective On Money

In this day and age we are bombarded by choice, never before have we had so many choices about what we can do and what we can spend our money on.

5 Practices That Could Paralyse Your Pivot

While 2020 may certainly seem like a crisis, businesses have been adapting and moving with uncertain times since their beginning.

The Masterpiece in You

Jeff Vines encourages us to reset the trajectory of our lives towards the things of God, and not our own desires or what the world says we should be.

The Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage

Sometimes we forget how much we need the Holy Spirit in our marriages, and we can so easily fall into a dynamic of negativity with our spouses.

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