My Help Comes From the Lord

Psalm 121:1 says in the King James, ‘I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.’ But David’s help didn’t really come from the hills, of course. So why did he lift his eyes to the hills?

Not Owners, but Stewards

You can enjoy what God has blessed you with. That isn’t a sin. However, it’s important to think about where you’re storing what God has blessed you with – on earth or in Heaven?

The Rise of the Regions: Australians are Moving to Regional Areas

In 2020, nearly 200,000 Australians moved away from capital cities. Can these regional centres cope? And what opportunities are there for businesses?

Do You Really Want to Follow Jesus?

What does it really mean to take up your cross and follow Jesus? And are you prepared to do what He asks of us?

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