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20Twenty with Neil Johnson


Listen to 20Twenty with Neil Johnson weekdays on Vision radio from 10am – 12pm AEST and Sundays at 5pm AEST or via podcast.  Localised timezone program guides.


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Prayer as an Agent for Change

Christians know that prayer is powerful. It gives us the opportunity to express our gratitude, ask for guidance and seek comfort in difficult times. Not only does it help to bring us closer to God and align ourselves with His will, but it also strengthens our relationship with Him by building trust.

Martyn Iles’ New Beginnings With Ken Ham at Answers In Genesis

Martyn Iles’ career has taken a massive change in direction, from Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby to Chief Ministry Officer at Answers in Genesis, based in the USA.

Neil Johnson
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There’s plenty of talk on radio, but with 20Twenty you’ll find Life, Culture and Current events from a Biblical perspective. Interviews, stories and insight you definitely won’t hear in the mainstream media.


Neil is an ordained Christian Minister of 25 years. He is married with four beautiful daughters, and finds great enjoyment in celebrating family milestones.

An armchair sports-fan of State of Origin football in the winter and Cricket in the summer. He’s a self confessed ‘news junkie’, and a reader of ‘worldview building’ Christian books.

Neil is passionate about Christian media, Christian schools, and ‘connecting faith to life’ through serving God in his role at Vision.

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