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Amir Tsarfati and Barry Stagner – The Parable of the Fig Tree

by | Wed, Jul 17 2024

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In the Old Testament, the minor prophets described Israel’s national existence as the fig tree. Eventually, Israel lost control over the land and sovereignty for nearly 2,000 years.

‘When Jesus talked about the signs of the end, He talked about the fact that the fig tree will come back to life. Christians need to understand Israel is being described in the Bible as three different types of trees: the olive tree, the fig tree and the vine,’ said Amir.

Amir Tsarfati, Founder and President of Behold Israel, and Barry Stagner, Senior Pastor of Calvary Central Orange County in the US and the host of The Line Up, World Events in Bible Prophecy News Chanel joined Robbo on 20Twenty to discuss End Times Bible Prophecy.

Christians who believe in the God of Israel, accept Jesus as their Messiah, and follow the scriptures provided by the people of Israel are grafted into the olive tree and into the vine. But Christians can never be grafted into the fig tree because the fig tree is the national privilege of Israel.

‘Christians can see the fig tree,’ said Amir. ‘That’s what Jesus said, “When you see the fig tree coming back to life, that’s when you know the summer is near.” So one of the most, if not the most important, ‘end time’ sign that we are the last generation before the Rapture is the return of the Jews to their land, representing that the fig tree is coming back to life. Israel is back as a country, and Jerusalem is back in our hands. That’s the fulfilment of the fig tree.’

Pastor Barry added that while most people teach the parable of the fig tree from Matthew or Luke, there’s a piece of information given in Mark’s Gospel that is exclusive to that Gospel.

‘There’s a chronology given,’ said Barry. ‘What we’re told through Mark’s Gospel is that the day that the fruitless fig tree was encountered was the day after the triumphal entry. Then Mark’s gospel says, and the next day, they encounter the tree again. That’s when they observed that it was right up from the roots, speaking of the diaspora. And then we’re told the next day, Jesus taught the Olivet discourse. So, we have, during The Passion Week, a three-day sequence of an encounter with the fig tree, which therefore gives us the context and the interpretation because most scholars would agree that the fruitless fig tree is representative of unbelieving Israel. So, if Jesus is the teacher, and the disciples are the audience, and the fig tree is the illustration, and it’s taught on three sequential days, then it has to mean the same thing on all three days.

So, the fig tree, without question, represents the rebirth of the nation of Israel. He talks about, “When you see it budding and put forth leaves, you know that summer is near,”’ said Barry. ‘It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the international community about supposed occupied territories, the Bible says in Amos 9:15, God said, I will plant them in their land. And when I plant them in their land, they will never be uprooted again. So, the United Nations can say what it wants, and every country around the world can try to tell Israel what to do, but God, who brought them back into the land, said, “I will watch over them as long as they’re there, and nobody is going to uproot them again.”’

For more information about Amir Tsarfati, visit Behold Israel. Amir reports on local and global news and how it is lining up with Bible prophecy through his CONNECT network.

For more information about Barry Stagner, visit Calvary Central OC 

Amir’s passion to reach the lost makes him think of creative ways to present the Gospel. He has written a series of fictional novels, incorporating true military operations and espionage that tie in with end times Bible prophecy and the Gospel. Out of the Far North is his latest novel.

In this age of uncertainty, Christians want and need more than ever before to understand what the Bible reveals about the future. Amir and Barry teamed up to answer 70 of their most commonly asked questions in their book, Bible Prophecy: The Essentials.

This article is part of a series based on Amir and Barry’s visit to Vision Christian Media.

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