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Amir Tsarfati Speaks About Israel’s Mass Formation Psychosis

by | Fri, Sep 22 2023

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When Israelis voted for a conservative government led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, hope was renewed that the judiciary system would be more diverse and also represent other parts of the country. Regardless that the majority of Israelis voted for Netanyahu, this was not in favour of what the progressives wanted, so they used powerful media to create an artificial crisis that caused a lot of anxiety among Israelis.

Amir Tsarfati, Founder and President of Behold Israel, and Barry Stagner, Senior Pastor of Calvary Central Orange County in the US and the host of The Line Up, World Events in Bible Prophecy News Chanel joined Robbo on 20Twenty to discuss End Times Bible Prophecy.

‘Most of the media outlets in Israel are owned by very powerful people whose agenda is to keep the power in their hands. They are protected by the judiciary system in Israel,’ said Amir.

Amir says that mass formation psychosis is the result of the media bombarding people with false information to achieve their hidden agenda. In an attempt to overturn the current government, the media are reporting that the government is failing them, and Israel’s surrounding enemies are also buying into the lies.

‘They portrayed the situation as if Israel is losing its economic power, that the military is falling apart, and all of these false things are coming to the ears of our enemies around us that are becoming bolder and bolder,’ said Amir. ‘And even though it’s not the case, all it takes in the Middle East is to portray an image of being weak, and then you’re going to be attacked.’

‘So, this is a very desperate situation because you’re strong, but your enemies think you are weak, and your media is telling you that you’re weak. This is not easy to deal with. And unless you are standing with your two feet on the ground and you know what you’re talking about, and you don’t let all these lies and deception sway you, then you will be easily plunging into anxiety and fear and hopelessness. And that’s what I see among my people. It’s very sad to see.’

Amir says that Israel has never been in a situation like this since its establishment in 1948, and it’s gotten to the point where the country is completely divided between people who think that Israel is ‘the fruit of the labour of men,’ and others who say it’s due to God.

‘Israel is actually the fruit of God’s prophetic promises to the nation,’ said Amir. ‘The polarisation is becoming more extreme, a little bit violent at times, and these are times that no country wants to find itself in.’

‘Connect’ with Amir

In 2024, Amir will be taking a sabbatical from touring to set up a CONNECT network where he will report on local and global news and how it is lining up with Bible prophecy.

‘The Lord really spoke to me saying that next year, if we’re still here, will be a very critical year with major events that will require me to stay home and be with my family,’ said Amir.

For more information about Amir Tsarfati, visit Behold Israel.

For more information about Barry Stagner, visit Calvary Central OC 

Amir’s passion to reach the lost makes him think of creative ways to present the Gospel. He has written a series of fictional novels, incorporating true military operations and espionage that tie in with end times Bible prophecy and the Gospel. Out of the Far North is his latest novel, soon to be released. To purchase Amir’s books, visit the Vision store.

Bible Prophecy: The Essentials Amir Tsarfati Bible Prophecy: The Essentials

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This article is part of a series based on Amir and Barry’s visit to Vision Christian Media.

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