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Amir Tsarfati Speaks of Wars and Rumours of Wars

by | Sat, Sep 30 2023

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While disputes over the ownership of the land of Israel have been a hot topic for many years, there is no denying that God has a detailed plan for the nation of Israel. The prophetic word regarding future planned wars against Israel is that God will win the Ezekiel war. He has been protecting Israel the whole time, thwarting many attempts, over the years, of Israel’s enemies to annihilate them.   

Amir Tsarfati, Founder and President of Behold Israel, and Barry Stagner, Senior Pastor of Calvary Central Orange County in the US and the host of The Line Up, World Events in Bible Prophecy News Chanel joined Robbo on 20Twenty to discuss End Times Bible Prophecy. 

‘God has a plan for Israel as a nation, which He very eloquently described in Ezekiel chapters 36 & 37 where He said it is a physical nation that He will physically bring back to the land of Israel, not to any other land, said Amir. ‘So that does not negate the fact that God still wants them to come to Him. The Bible in Hosea 5:15 says, “I will go again to my place until they acknowledge their offence. In their affliction, they will earnestly seek me.” The Bible is not telling us that there is salvation any other way, but through Jesus. Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life.’  

Amir refers to how the entire book of Revelation speaks of lots of wars and death. And while this is not something God wants; Bible prophecy says He will have to bring judgement eventually against the evil that runs rampant and significantly increases during the end times. God has given decades of warnings to repent and return to Him. Yet sadly, many choose not to repent and have pushed God out of their lives, preferring to serve themselves, albeit their master is Satan, the ruler of this world for the short time given him. 

‘In the book of Ezekiel, God says, “I do not seek the death of the unrighteous, but for him to come to repentance”’, said Amir. ‘But judgment is impending. We know that because Jonah said that and the heralding angel in Revelation is going to tell the whole world judgement is coming and the Lord is coming back.’ 

The first coming of Jesus was to save the world and the second coming will be to judge the unbelieving who reject God the Creator. While some people don’t understand how a God who represents love can bring such judgment, the reality is that unless there are consequences to sin, sin will only increase. This is a reality that is enforced by every country in the world that brings judgment to criminals and incarcerates them for the safety of others. 

‘The message of love is a great message, but there’s also reality where we know things must happen according to the Word of God as he spoke through the prophets,’ said Amir. ‘As believers, what we must do is to preach the gospel and make sure people are getting saved. But that doesn’t negate the fact that we know that the Lord revealed through his prophets what is going to happen.’ God said:  

“For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from the ancient times things that are not yet done, …” – Isaiah 46:9-10 

‘So, God declares the end. God is telling us what is going to happen and God is doing that in order for us to be prepared,’ said Amir. ‘It’s not like since Jesus came, the world is now an amazing, beautiful place. There are still wars and rumours of wars. These are still going to happen. Jesus even promised that these are the signs of the end times. Regarding Israel, I suggest everyone read Ezekiel chapters 36 through to chapter 39, as we now live in the days of Ezekiel, literally. We must remember it’s part of the Word of God. God never cancelled that part of the Word. And we know that if there is one thing that Jesus rebuked the two disciples on the way to Emmaus is that they were foolish and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets had said.’ 

 ‘Connect’ with Amir 

In 2024, Amir will be taking a sabbatical from touring to set up a CONNECT network where he will report on local and global news and how it is lining up with Bible prophecy. 

‘The Lord really spoke to me saying that next year, if we’re still here, will be a very critical year with major events that will require me to stay home and be with my family,’ said Amir. 

For more information about Amir Tsarfati, visit Behold Israel 

For more information about Barry Stagner, visit Calvary Central OC  

Amir’s passion to reach the lost makes him think of creative ways to present the Gospel. He has written a series of fictional novels, incorporating true military operations and espionage that tie in with end times Bible prophecy and the Gospel. Out of the Far North is his latest novel, soon to be released. To purchase Amir’s books, visit the Vision store. 

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