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Australian Midwives Forced to Perform Abortions?

by | Tue, Mar 26 2019

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Governments all over Australia are now passing the most liberal abortion laws that we have ever seen.

It almost now appears as if lawmakers are trying to out-do each other.  Every time a state passes new laws, they seem to become worse that the last.

It’s the politicians who pass abortion laws, but often it’s doctors, nurses and midwives, who pledged to uphold and protect life, that are expected to do the dirty work.

Jeanette Harris from pro-life organisation Emily’s Voice joined Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty program to share the story of a Queensland hospital midwife who recently contacted them

For privacy reasons, the midwife’s name has been changed to ‘Sue’.

Sue’s job changed after the passing of new Queensland abortion laws in late 2018, which now allows for ‘no questions asked’ abortions up to 22 weeks and to full-term with the sign off by two doctors.  Where once her job was all about saving lives, it has now become about taking life.

“She is a very passionate midwife,” Jeanette begins to recount Sue’s story.  “She went into her profession over twenty years ago, just knowing that that’s where she wanted to be, knowing that that’s the environment she wanted to be in.  She wanted to bring life into the world.  She wanted to walk alongside mums.”

“Up until this moment she has seen every side of a pregnancy.  She’s sat next to mums with the resuscitation cribs, she’s held hands and sat alongside people when they’ve cried because they haven’t known what’s going to happen with their baby.  She’s worked tirelessly to help these babies be born into the world alive and healthy.”

Midwife supporting woman in labour

“What has happened for her recently, is that she’d actually been texting with [Emily’s Voice] before the Law was passed last year because there was communication coming into the hospital that they were going to have to [conduct abortions].  It was almost like the Bill had already passed and they were being told that they were going to have to do certain things.”

“She was already in quite a confused, traumatic mindset.  And then she’s actually had this situation a couple of weekends ago, where she was on her shift and somebody came in who wanted an abortion.  The baby was at 17 weeks gestation.  The majority of midwives wanted nothing to do with it because that’s not why they’d come into the profession but they found somebody who enabled the woman to go through with the termination.”

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“She literally is just traumatised about this.  She doesn’t feel any support about her situation.  Many of her colleagues are as well – she’s definitely not the only one.  They’re having to listen to what is coming through from the government, into management with really no support network.”

Continue listening to the interview below to hear Sue’s full story, what this means for medical professionals who want to uphold life, and answers to questions from the talk-back lines.

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