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Australia’s Christian History

by | Tue, Jan 23 2024

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Australia’s Christian history not only includes some intriguing historical anecdotes, but also valuable insights into the political, social and economic factors that shaped our nation’s development. Yet in this secularised age we live in, there are efforts by revisionists to downplay Australia’s Christian foundations.

In his latest book, What a Capital Idea – Australia 1770-1901, Dr. Christopher Reynolds reveals the Australian story and sets the record straight, providing one of the most detailed and accurate accounts of the nation’s history ever published.

Christopher’s historic research uses original documents, government letters, articles and legislation to reveal some compelling propositions. This is not just another book that runs through the events of history. It’s a thorough investigation into political and commercial decisions, and the people behind them.

Christopher, listed in the International Who’s Who Historical Society since 2006, has a background in politics, business, and education. He recently joined us on 20Twenty to share his insights into Australia’s Christian history, and what sets his book apart.

‘I went looking for original legislation and letters,’ says Christopher. ‘The earliest document I found is 300 years old, the Elizabeth Act. And yet that act influenced Australia’s history as we know it today. This book is unique because of the quality of the research.’

‘I was keen to look at the context,’ Christopher says, ‘which then produced all these stories about these wonderful people.’

Listen to Christopher’s full interview on 20Twenty below: