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Does Overspending at Christmas Really Make People Happier?

by | Tue, Dec 1 2020

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Christmas shopping

Christmas is a celebration of the greatest gift ever given: the arrival of God’s only Son, Jesus Christ. However, for many of us, the financial stress that this Festive Season brings with it can be almost unbearable.

Financial expert, Alex Cook, founder of Wealth With Purpose, spoke with Neil Johnson on Vision’s 20Twenty program to discuss practical advice on how we can prepare for Christmas and honour God with our finances.

“Our responsibility as Christians is to be good stewards of what God has given us,” Alex shared. “Good stewardship is about providing Biblical principles to your finances…there is a real opportunity here to do good.”

Alex shared some of his financial advice with Neil, saying, “There’s a whole science to impulse buying, you’re surrounded by temptation, all designed to get you to buy something…take your list and stick to your budget, and you won’t regret it,” Alex shared. “One of the key-starting points with any kind of money management situation is that you need to have a plan…set some parameters for your finances.”

Alex Cook
Alex Cook from Wealth With Purpose

Alongside a range of other practical advice, Alex encouraged the audience to consider ways they can bless members of their families, as well as those who aren’t as close. “[Ask yourself], who at this time of year can I serve? Who at this time of year can I bless? This is an opportunity to do things for people who have no-one to look after them.”

Alex emphasised to listeners that Christmas can be a time of joy, saying, “As Christians, we know that this is a really special time of year – it’s a fantastic time of year where we get to reflect on God… but for many of us it can feel very stressful. As believers, we can really turn this around and turn it into a really fantastic opportunity for our families and others.”

“As Christians we are called to serve, and we are called to serve others…why don’t we start giving things that are really going to start benefiting others?”

To hear the full conversation with Alex Cook, listen to the full audio below.

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