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Ministering to Broken-Hearted Outback Communities

by | Tue, Dec 8 2020

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Woman in Australian outback
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People in remote country towns continue to face prolonged periods of drought, alongside challenges associated with family, farming, grief and isolation.

Neil Johnson was joined by Pastor Liz Howland, of Ray of Hope Ministries, who has recently returned from a ministry expedition into the Central West and North Queensland, where her goal was to bring the Spirit of God to individuals experiencing hardship.

During her trip, Liz was shocked at the widespread drought that continues to plague many rural communities, stating, “I can assure you that the drought is not over. There have been 10 to 11 years of drought in some places…one family I visited had lost 80% of their cattle in a flood and the cold that followed, and are now back in drought.”

“I think the drought seasons have really magnified some of the challenges in family life and family partnerships…often there’s a lot of pain and hurt…one of the biggest things I come across is unprocessed grief.” Liz shared, “Isn’t it a tragedy that people can carry grief and not have a listening ear to be free of it?”

Liz Howland with Vision team
Liz Howland (centre) with Vision team members Michelle, Neil and Aimee.

Liz emphasised that prayer and a listening ear are significant in helping others facing hardships, sharing with the audience, “To me, the power of prayer is the most profound and most beautiful gift we can give anyone…the power of prayer can bring such peace. When we pray, God moves.”

Appealing to listeners who might be travelling into remote communities over the Christmas period, Liz reminded us to keep local individuals in our prayers. “Prayer is one of the most powerful tools in healing the broken-hearted.”

To hear more about Liz’s ministry trip, and some of the incredible people she encountered, listen to the audio below:

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