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Our Mission In God’s Army

by | Fri, Mar 29 2024

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Just like Paul told Timothy to stay strong in tough times for Jesus, and to keep fighting the good fight against evil, we should remember that God has a special job for each of us in His Kingdom, especially as the world moves closer to Jesus coming back.

In their new book Your Mission In God’s Army, retired U.S. Army colonel David Giammona and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Troy Anderson highlight both the urgency and divine opportunity of these difficult days.

David and Troy encourage us to live with boldness and security, walking by faith as purposed-filled warriors of God. With sharp clarity and motivating Biblical instruction, this hands-on manual prepares you to be a crucial part of God’s plan.

David and Troy recently joined us on 20Twenty to discuss their passion for helping people discern their divine destiny and mission in life.

Listen to the full interview below: