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Renewing a Passion for the Gospel

by | Thu, Nov 24 2022

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How would you describe the gospel in Australia? Do we as Christians have a passionate desire to share it? This question can be asked in any culture and at any time throughout history. The Bible gives us explicit instructions about proclaiming salvation and making disciples of all the nations.

It could be something we talk about on our own, or with a group of friends. But how can we tell other people about the good news? Whether we’re having a mountaintop experience or going through a valley, we need to keep our passion for the gospel alive.

Bill Newman is one of Australia’s best-known and most-loved evangelists. His passion is presenting the simple essence of the gospel, and he joined us recently on 20Twenty to talk about how we can get back to the heart of why we love Jesus. Bill believes it’s the moments we intentionally make for Him in our lives that can make all the difference.

‘What we’ve got to develop today is an evangelistic lifestyle,’ says Bill. ‘This is so crucial. We’ve got to realise that every moment, every person we come in contact with, is someone that we need to share the Lord Jesus Christ with.’

Listen to Bill’s full interview on 20Twenty below.