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Seeing God at Work Amid Evil

by | Wed, Nov 2 2022

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For the past 35 years, Peter Hammond has been a pioneering missionary to nations like Mozambique, Angola and Sudan. He knows what it means to be in danger for the advancement of the Gospel. In the course of his missionary activities, Peter has been ambushed; he’s come under aerial and artillery bombardments; he’s been stabbed, shot at, beaten by mobs, tortured, waterboarded, arrested and imprisoned. He is the author of more than a dozen books on topics ranging from Islam, persecution, slavery, missions, apologetics, history and family life. Peter is the founder of Frontline Fellowship, Christian Action and the Reformation Society. He joined Neil Johnson on 20Twenty to speak about the work God is doing in Africa.

You’re Immortal Until God’s Work is Done

Peter was brought up in a secular family in war-torn Rhodesia where as a schoolboy, he had to contend with landmines on the road to the school and teachers carrying machine guns in areas where ambushes could take place.

What is remarkable about Peter’s life is how many times Satan tried to dispose of him, starting from when he was in the womb. His mother had taken thalidomide tablets prescribed to her by her doctor for morning sickness. When it was revealed that thalidomide caused severe deformities in babies, the doctor advised his mother to have an abortion. She could not bring herself to abort her baby. Although she wasn’t religious, she asked a hospital chaplain to pray for her baby. Peter was born healthy.

When Peter was five years old, he was run over by a car in front of his house. His mother somehow lifted the car and pulled him out. After rushing him to the hospital, with the imprint of the car tyre across his chest, the doctor was amazed that Peter had no injuries.

When sailing from England to South Africa with his parents, Peter again came close to dying when he contracted a contagious disease. Again his mother asked a minister onboard to pray, and Peter was healed.

Another time he fell over the edge of a waterfall and survived. With all these incredible close calls, Peter knew God had preserved his life for a purpose, and after attending an evangelistic rally on the 3rd of April 1977, he gave his life to the Lord.

‘You’re as safe in battle as you are in bed if you’re in God’s will. To me, it’s wonderful to know that I’m immortal until my work on Earth is done. And it’s a tremendous thing to be freed from the fear of death when you know where you’re going, and you have this absolute assurance,’ said Peter.

When he finished school, Peter had to serve two years in the national military service, which became his mission field. When they asked the persecuted, starving people in Angola what they could do to help them, they requested Bibles. When Peter gave them smuggled Bibles, the people fell on their knees and wept and hugged and kissed them. To them, having the Word of God in their own language was the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for.

God Appoints Donald Trump to Bring Peace to Sudan

When Peter first went to Sudan in 1995, it was one of the worst places on earth. There were all kinds of atrocities; regular bombings, scorched earth, persecution, no-fly zones, and no missionaries allowed, so Bibles had to be smuggled. The situation was very severe. There wasn’t even a hospital for the 5 million people in Equatoria.

After more than 27 years of intensive prayer, a dramatic change occurred in Sudan. In 2017, President Donald Trump made a deal to end sanctions against Sudan and remove them from the terrorist watchlist as long as they stopped the bombing and aggressive actions in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, The Blue Nile, and Darfur.

Amazingly, all the aggression stopped, and Peter and his team were able to take in hundreds of thousands more Bibles, Christian textbooks for school ministries and conduct seminars and leadership training for pastors.

By 2018, the situation dramatically improved even more. Suddenly, schools were being opened, wells were being dug, and the communities were coming down from the mountain, enabling them to conduct in-depth ministry with these people without harassment.

In 2019, the people rose to overthrow the government of Omar al-Bashir. He had been in power since 1989, ruling the country with an iron fist. Then suddenly, Sudan had a military-civilian council that ran the country. They handed Omar al-Bashir over to the International Criminal Court, where he was put on trial for corruption, genocide, and war crimes.

The Explosion of Christianity

The Christian movement is exploding in Africa and the Middle East. Muslims who were repelled by the atrocities of their National Islamic Front Government are coming to Christ in the millions. House churches are growing in places like Iran and Algeria.

‘The church is growing so fast we have not had enough leadership to disciple the people adequately, so we’re having to use every method possible, such as radio and audiovisual materials,’ said Peter. ‘Not everyone is literate, so we use audio bibles, which is also important for people who are blind.’

Through all the suffering Peter endured to advance the Gospel of Jesus in Africa, he saw that the good God was doing amid the evil far outweighed the hardships.

This article was inspired by Peter Hammond’s interview with Neil Johnson.

To listen to Peter’s full interview with Neil, click on the link below:

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