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The Changing Mood For Street Evangelism

by | Thu, Mar 16 2023

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Ryan Schiavo has spent considerable time preaching in the UK and Australia. His work as a Christian Missionary has provided him with a unique perspective on the changing mood towards Christians around the world.

Ryan recently joined us on 20Twenty to share his experiences and insights on the state of evangelism in the West. He emphasises the importance of being faithful where you are planted, because this is what Jesus taught us to do.

Ryan was actually arrested and physically attacked while preaching in London for mentioning his belief that homosexuality is sinful and that transgenderism has negative outcomes for children.

The teenagers who attacked Ryan were all LGBT-identifying and part of a rough crowd. ‘I was speaking to them and answering their questions with as much love and grace as I could,’ says Ryan. ‘Then everything suddenly went black. I was being bludgeoned in the back of the head.’

This traumatic experience has led Ryan to reflect on the challenges of his mission, but ultimately, he believes that God has given him a calling and he must continue being obedient.

The Responsibility of Christians

It’s our responsibility as Christians to reach out to young people who are being exposed to ideas and messages that go against the teachings of the Bible. They are not getting the guidance they need at home or in school and are being bombarded with messages through social media that are damaging to their well-being.

‘As an evangelist and someone who’s been delivered from horrible darkness in myself, says Ryan, ‘how can I withhold this message from them? Who else is going to share it with them?’

The Lord says to Ezekiel, I have made you a watchman over the House of Israel to warn those who are heading down a dangerous path. By standing up for truth and spreading their message, Ryan hopes to help those in need of guidance and support.

‘This is our responsibility,’ says Ryan, ‘and my resolve has only grown deeper by the grace of God.’

Listen to Ryan’s full interview on 20Twenty below: