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The Cross At Easter

by | Sat, Apr 1 2023

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The cross is an important symbol during Easter, reminding us of the incredible sacrifice Jesus made. Despite all of our struggles and pain, the cross reminds us we are not alone in this world. We can find strength and comfort knowing that Jesus has already saved us from our sins.

It’s this hope for redemption through Christ’s death on the cross that makes Easter such an integral part of Christian tradition. Stu Millar from Train to Proclaim recently joined us on 20Twenty, to share his thoughts on how we can use the wonderful opportunities Easter creates to share our faith with others.

‘Without the cross, and the resurrection of Jesus, what do we have?’ says Stu. ‘I don’t even know whether the world would still be around today if it wasn’t for Jesus dying on the cross. As Christians, this is our holiest time of year because the heart of the gospel message is Jesus’s sacrificial death for us.’

Reconciled to God

Stu says that while we don’t worship the cross, we certainly have it on top of churches and in assemblies for a very good reason. It’s the centre of the Christian faith. Without the cross, there is no way for us to have a relationship with God. By paying that punishment on the cross, Jesus makes it possible for us to be reconciled.

‘The image of Jesus on the cross is remembering His humanity,’ says Stu. ‘It represents the sacrifice and the suffering He went through. His arms are open wide towards humanity. There are a lot of positives of capturing that point in time. But I like an empty cross because I know that He’s not still there.’

Stu says for a lot of Christians, their focus is more on the resurrection and the victory that Christ has won for us. He’s risen from the dead and He’s alive. But a real richness can also be found in understanding the suffering, because that point on the cross when Jesus took our sin was the game changer for humanity.

Jesus Was Born to Die

‘Jesus was born to die,’ says Stu. ‘He was born to suffer. He was born to pay that punishment in our place. And without it, none of humanity could be saved. It’s a glorious moment for us, but under terrible circumstances.’

‘Christmas and Easter are definitely easier times to share our faith,’ says Stu. ‘People seem to be of good cheer. There’s a holiday coming up. There’s Easter eggs. They may have the complete wrong idea about Easter, but they’ve still got a positive view to some degree.’

‘Deep down, every single one of us has a hole in us that can only be filled by God.’

Listen to Stu’s full interview on 20Twenty below: