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The Cross Has Been Raised – on Memory Mountain

by | Fri, Mar 31 2023

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The construction of a 20-meter cross on the summit of Memory Mountain in the Northern Territory is an Indigenous-led initiative that showcases the faith, culture, and creativity of the local Aboriginal people. The vision to build this cross has ignited a passion in the community to share their land, traditions, and unique cultural heritage with the world.

Back in 2009, the local elders shared their vision with well-known landscape photographer Ken Duncan, and requested his assistance to turn it into a reality. Captivated by their passion and enthusiasm, Ken recognised the potential of their dream to become an iconic and world-class tourist destination.

With the support of Ken and others, the community was able to bring this vision to life while preserving the cultural significance of the site for future generations. Construction of the Corten steel cross is almost complete, and it will be officially opened to the public on Easter Sunday in 2023.

Ken recently joined us on 20Twenty, to discuss the heart and passion behind the project. He emphasized that every step of the construction process involved consultation with the local indigenous population, with a strong focus on protecting the environment.

The Will of the Indigenous Community

‘Everything happened in consultation,’ says Ken. ‘It’s their vision. I’m just here as a friend helping to raise funds and deal with the bureaucracy. The Central Land Council spent years questioning everybody to make sure it was their will.’

Ken says it’s been amazing to be part of the journey and witness God’s provision to get the cross built. One of his good friends, who also happens to be an engineer, came to Ken and said that as He was praying, God spoke to him about doing something with the Aboriginal community.

‘I told him my Aboriginal friends wanted to build a cross on top of a hill,’ says Ken. ‘But when he saw it, he realised that it had to be 20 metres high to be in scale with the mountain. It wasn’t just a few bags of cement! But the people we needed came at just the right time. It’s been a miraculous thing.’

Memory Mountain has some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the world, with 360-degree views from the top. The community has created a beautiful platform; a prayer mountain where people can come no matter what their beliefs.

‘When I take people out there,’ says Ken, ‘I don’t try and tell them what they should see or feel. I just let God get their attention. There’s something unique about that mountain because it has a Christian heritage. It’s where four indigenous evangelists first spread the Gospel. The Lutheran people did amazing work in that area. As missionaries, they didn’t come out and take over the culture. They actually helped support it.’

A Place to Focus on God

Ken says that funding to build the cross has all come from individuals whom God has spoken to and prompted to donate money. ‘I don’t think God ever really tells you the full extent of what He’s going to lay on you beforehand,’ says Ken. ‘Otherwise, a lot of us wouldn’t turn up!’

‘But it’s an amazing place, and it’s somewhere we can all come together. I don’t think there’s ever been a more important time to focus on the God factor because the world’s in trouble.’

‘It’s not a single church or denomination who have built this. It’s just a whole bunch of people who got behind the vision to bring the dream of the indigenous people to reality.’

Make sure you tune in on Easter Sunday for Sunday Morning Together, as we’ll be joined live by Vision CEO Phil Edwards from the launch of the Memory Mountain Cross!

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