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The Fall of America

by | Thu, Oct 6 2022

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Dr Kameel Majdali, the founder of Teach all Nations (TAN) ministry, is an ordained minister of the Australian Christian Churches and has a PhD from the University of Melbourne. He served as the Principal of Harvest Bible College for 13 years, training and equipping people for full-time ministry. Kameel is a highly respected authority in biblical theology. He currently resides in the UK and travels all over the world preaching God’s Word. Kameel is in Australia for his Annual Understanding the Times national tour that will be presented from 9 September to 24 October 2022. He joined Neil Johnson, host of 20Twenty for a special live streamed event hosted at Vision’s studios. One of the topics Kameel discussed was the change of events in America.

When Donald Trump was US President, he was able to bring peace to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords. As significant as this was, it got very little press coverage. Joe Biden came to office with a very different point of view from Trump about Israel and the Middle East. He’s reverted to the establishment mindset about the Middle East, where the State Department and bureaucrats of Washington DC believe Israel should be partitioned with Palestine, as should the city of Jerusalem. Biden’s administration is returning to the old policies of Obama, Clinton, Bush Senior, and Junior. Although in 1991, when George Bush Snr was President, they did not believe in a Palestinian state. But George Bush Jnr did. They think by dividing Israel and Jerusalem, the war parties in Palestine and the Jihadists will not want to fight anymore, and there will be peace, but that’s not how it works, said Kameel.

The Trump administration offered the Palestinians a type of mini Marshall Plan, but it was rejected before it was ever heard. Since Joe Biden became the President of America, the global superpower is now seen around the world as weak and divided. Biden has made some disastrous moves; the most highlighted was the US withdrawal from Afghanistan where hundreds of Americans who were seeking to escape the Taliban rule were left behind. Thousands of Afghans who had assisted the US military over the twenty-year war were also left behind to face execution at the hands of the Taliban. Tensions between Israel and Iran have since reached a peak and Hamas leaders believe the conquest of Palestine will only be achieved through jihad.

Wokeism and Cancel Culture

The Biden administration is going all out to implement woke policies in every area you can imagine with indecent haste because the midterm elections are coming, and the polls aren’t looking very good. So, they are trying to pass as much legislation as possible or sign as many executive orders while still in power.

‘The Democratically dominated Congress has approved something like over $4 trillion of bills. That’s a lot of money on top of a $30 trillion deficit,’ said Kameel.

‘Some are suggesting the Russians see the Americans as a laughing stock, particularly around gender identity and the sorts of racial politics, the divisions between black and white,’ said Kameel. ‘Wokeism is basically another name for cultural Marxism. It is Marxist on steroids. It’s highly emotional, highly reactive, and highly destructive because one of the aspects of Wokery is Cancel Culture.’

The Cultural Marxism War

Traditional society is Judeo-Christian. Western civilisation believes in a nation-state and a Christian God. They believe in the family as the building block of society. Western civilisation also has a passionate belief in freedom, freedom of individuals, human rights, and freedom of speech.

‘This is the conservative or classic liberal mindset, as opposed to left-wing liberalism today. Whereas cultural Marxism believes the opposite. They want to substitute the state for God basically, and the tribe is substituted for the family, and freedom is not free. They would say they believe in freedom, but it’s nothing like what we would be used to. It is a radically different and aggressive worldview,’ said Kameel.

What’s happened in the last two years during the pandemic has brought Marxism to the surface. Most people had never heard of it, but now it’s becoming more apparent as the Woke culture has been adept at infiltrating through the institutions of culture. The good news is that we’re turning a corner because the average person now feels very empowered to do something to stop this from progressing. So, whether it’s in school board meetings, at elections, and with new legislation to ensure there’s election integrity, it is time to take action and take our freedoms back. We are in a cultural Marxism War, and it’s causing Christians to pray as they have never prayed before. Kameel believes that when Christians unite in prayer, there is no doubt about who will win the war.

Dr Kameel Majdali is currently touring Australia, presenting his Understanding the Times tour. Click the link to check Kameel’s tour dates and locations or view the live-streamed recording hosted at Vision’s studios.

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To listen to Kameel’s full interview, click the link below. The Fall of America topic begins at 35.12 minutes into the full interview.