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What’s the Big Deal About Money?

by | Tue, Dec 15 2020

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Man holding Australian currency

Arguably one of the most important topics for Christians to learn about and understand is that of money; Money can get us into trouble as much as it can get us out of trouble, but has the capacity to control our lives.

Neil Johnson was joined by Dr Andrew Corbett, from Legana Church, Tasmania, to discuss how destructive money can be, and how we can change our perspectives on managing finances.

“When it comes to money, [the Bible] has about 2,500 instructive verses…we have to appreciate that money can do really destructive things to our soul,” Dr Corbett shared. “The Bible uses the word ‘sorrow’ to describe what we would call, today, depression…when you haven’t got [money], it can actually lead to depression.”

Dr Corbett also warns against feelings of possessiveness and ownership over the money we have, stating, “Our money, our car, our house…when we talk about ‘my’…we are actually undermining the most basic principle of Scripture – that everything we have is given to us by God. Everything.”

…Everything we have is given to us by God. Everything.

“When we look at the stories Jesus told, He talked about not worrying about tomorrow, trusting God today…first [we must] trust God, and be faithful with what [we] have.” Dr Corbett shared with the audience.

“Contentment starts by understanding that none of it is ours.”

To hear more about how we can develop a strong foundation regarding money and finances, listen to the audio below:

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