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Want to read some really encouraging stories of God at work in the lives of everyday Aussies? Here at Vision we hear them every day and we've gathered a few for you right here.

Learning To Lead (3)

‘Correct, rebuke and encourage.’
 2 Timothy 4:2 NIV When you crave acceptance and approval, you end up being controlled by those you’re supposed to lead. Paul recognised this. That’s why he instructed Titus: ‘Teach… and encourage your people… correcting them when necessary as one who has every right to do so. Don’t let anyone think …Read More

Hope in Cancer, Death and Grief – Lois Thompson

One more hurdle to jump Lois Thompson is no stranger to tragedy. She has lost her husband to cancer, a son in a tragic accident, and her own experience with secondary breast cancer. Lois has been a social worker for the past 40 years and she’s also a pastor and speaker. Importantly for us, Lois …Read More

‘Life Interrupted’ – Nathan Thebridge

painful or joyful A book released recently reveals God’s fingerprints in both painful and joyful circumstances. Circumstances that we can all relate to. ‘Life Interrupted’ author is Nathan Thebridge, a pastor in Sydney at The Voice To The Nations church at Granville. Nathan’s also renowned for his soon-to-be-if-not-already famous blog, Chasing Light. One of the …Read More

 FREEDOM – Australia’s Most Endangered Liberty – Wendy Francis

The marriage NO vote: “There are hundreds-of-thousands of people involved. Over a million people have downloaded the Freedom app and people are getting involved.” Sexual harassment – “Harvey Weinstein actually acted out everything Hugh Hefner taught.” The NT anti-discrimination policy: “They are moving towards a genderless society in anticipation of what may come following the …Read More

Freedom of Speech – Dr Natasha Moore

Will Christianity’s opponents steal it..completely? Christians everywhere are saying the freedom to speak freely about a subject is under attack. People are being shamed in ways we haven’t seen happen in Western countries for centuries. “People with a particular political view, they make a particular joke, or a misguided comment, and they get absolutely pilloried on …Read More

Games and Brains – Brad Huddleston

A new game that pushes the boundaries ‘The perception they’re trying to give, is that everyone who voted for Donald Trump are these right wing fundamentalist Christians and they should die,” Brad stressed. ‘Far Cry 5 deliberately typecasts conservatives. The conservatives are the game’s enemy.’ ‘…and Microsoft to unload onto children an addictive version of …Read More

A Positive, Faith-filled Voice

Pastor Peter Pilt is National Director of Global Care, the Missions Director of INC (International Network of Churches) and Senior Pastor of Impact Church, Canberra.  He’s a regular guest on Vision Radio, with his insightful view of life in Australia. He admits he is passionately patriotic and loves being an Australian – but he is …Read More

Media is becoming the bridge to bringing Australians to faith in God

E.A Mullen, Guest Writer. The Spiritual Condition in Australia Falling church attendance. The rejection of traditional religion and the embrace of new age spirituality. The demonisation of Christianity by mainstream media leading to a general mistrust of churches. These are common challenges faced by many church leaders regardless of the denomination they belong to. Is …Read More

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A Soldier’s Miraculous Healing From PTSD

Forgiveness the key to a restored mind “I abused my body with alcohol drinking five bottles of wine a week and then finishing off with whiskey. All that was to try and help me sleep and stop the nightmares.” “Your anxiety levels go so high you can’t function. You don’t know how to do something …Read More

‘Blood In, Blood Out’ – Art Blajos

The testimony of a mafia assassin on a collision course with Christ. Art Blajos “It got me upset because he kept on insisting Jesus is alive. I was an assassin. Nobody comes back!” “This man I was meant to kill was in my power. I said who lived or died in that environment but I …Read More

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