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Want to read some really encouraging stories of God at work in the lives of everyday Aussies? Here at Vision we hear them every day and we've gathered a few for you right here.

Recovering from Divorce (2)

‘I will restore to you the years.’ Joel 2:25 NKJV Recovering from divorce and learning to live again takes time, so please be patient with yourself. Chances are you’ll go through the recognised stages of grief: (1) Denial. You try to ignore or minimise what has happened in hopes it’ll go away. You fear confrontation …Read More

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Helping youth follow Jesus

The Christian Crisis In The Middle East

Author and religious liberty analyst Elizabeth Kendal is a regular guest on Neil Johnson’s 20Twenty program on the Vision Radio Network. Ms Kendal’s most recent appearance was to discuss her latest book, ‘After Saturday Comes Sunday.’ Although the title might appear more suited for a Mills and Boon novel, it in fact conceals a devilishly …Read More

The Pioneering Pastor Evans

Vision Radio’s 20Twenty has spoken with one of Australia’s highly prominent charismatic church leaders. Andrew Evans, pastor and politician, pastored Paradise Community Church in Adelaide for 30 years before he retired and then co-founded the Family First Party. No small feat on those accounts alone. But there’s far more to the Evans family’s pastoral and …Read More

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Asia/Pacific Outreach

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