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Go To The Mountain Of Prayer!

‘He departed to the mountain to pray.’ Mark 6:46 NKJV Before Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee, He climbed a mountain to be alone with His Father in prayer. He left the demands of the crowd at sunset, prayed until dawn, then came down the mountain in the power of God’s Spirit and stilled …Read More


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The Testimony of Sarah Douglas – (My Journey from Witchcraft to Jesus)

Today Sarah Douglas is part of the Samford Valley Community Church on the outskirts of Brisbane. But her lifetime journey getting there was an extraordinary, exceptional example of God’s miracle-working power. And Sarah’s just released a calendar. Nothing exceptional about that, but it’s the untold story of the calendar’s origins that is truly remarkable. That’s …Read More

A Blood and Guts Good News Story – Peter Pearson

Peter Pearson’s book, A Blood and Guts Good News Story, has been described as a must-read for anyone on a journey to spiritual maturity. It’s his attempt to talk to men like himself, in a language they’ll understand, about how finding faith transformed his life. Neil Johnson recently spoke to Peter about the experiences that …Read More

Radio ‘The Gospel Voice For Mongolia’ – Batjargal (Bat) Tuvshintsengel

FEBC is a Christian radio network reaching many countries across the world including Mongolia in north east Asia. It’s reported there were only a handful of Christians in this somewhat isolated and land-locked country just a decade ago. But largely due to the work of FEBC via radio and the internet, that handful of just …Read More

A Victory in the War Against ‘Discrimination’ – Bernard Gaynor

Frontline Christian family advocate Bernard Gaynor had cause to celebrate recently after years of harassment from anti-discrimination tribunals. The NSW Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Bernard, bringing to an end three years of alleged illegal harassment from Garry Burns and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board. The judgment also protects a number of other non-NSW …Read More

Love On the Rocks (The Scourge of Domestic Violence)

It’s presumed most family or domestic violence occurs between husband and wife but it is not limited to people in traditional marriage or civil partnership arrangements. Recently Vision Radio discussed the emotionally-charged topic from a legal perspective and how the law and the courts deal with family violence and what the courts can do to …Read More

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