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God’s Plan For Families

by | Wed, Apr 19 2023

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Nothing is more vital for our children than having both a mum and a dad by their side. As parents, we have a God-given purpose that cannot be taken lightly – to lead our children to Jesus Christ. We need to embrace this responsibility with passion and determination so we can help our kids flourish in all areas of life.

On this episode of A New Beginning, Pastor Greg Laurie points out that we can only bring our children to the Lord by going to the Lord ourselves. We need to set an example for them to follow. Greg believes that what our children need to see is our faith in action.

Biblical Parenting

The years of influence we have over our kids are few and they are precious, so we need to lead them in the ways of the Lord. Greg believes we can chart a course of practical biblical parenting by exploring the Lord’s counsel to parents on how to raise children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

‘Kids don’t need mum and dad to be their best friend,’ says Greg. ‘Be a parent. Be an example, because friends come and go, but parents are there for life. You as a parent have a very important purpose in the life of your child. You’re there to teach them right from wrong, you’re there to provide for them, you’re there to protect them and you’re there to lay a foundation for their life.’

Just as we need God’s help with our marriages, we also need His help as parents. We live in a culture that’s largely hostile to the family, and certainly does not support the role of mother and father. In fact, in many ways, culture goes so far as to undermine the role of parents.

Bring Your Children to Jesus

‘It’s hard to be a parent today,’ says Greg. ‘This is why we read in the Gospels that the mothers brought their children to Jesus. And if you’re a smart mum, you’ll keep bringing your child to Jesus. I like the fact that even though they were rebutted by the disciples, the mums were persistent.’

But Greg believes that men do not always step up to the plate the way mothers do. A lot of dads are missing in action, and right now in our culture, we’re losing fathers at an unprecedented rate. Some experts think we are in danger of becoming a fatherless society.

‘To a large degree, a child’s view of God is based on their view of their father,’ says Greg. ‘God is loving, caring and nurturing. But at the same time, He is just and righteous and holy. Dads are a representative of God for their kids, and that’s why their role is so vital.’

Greg says when you come from a home where mum and dad profess to be Christians, and then contradict that by fighting, getting drunk or even breaking up, it’s the worst thing they can do to their kids.

‘Don’t give them an excuse for their unbelief,’ says Greg. ‘Live a godly life.’

Listen to Greg’s full message on A New Beginning below: