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The Foundation of Life – Ps Greg Laurie

by | Sun, Jan 22 2023

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Storms are a part of life. Sometimes it’s a health issue. Sometimes it’s a marital problem. Sometimes it’s a family problem or a legal problem. It may even be a threat against your very life. But there is good news. If you build your life on Jesus Christ, you’ll be able to get through the storm.

Pastor Greg Laurie believes the Christian life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, and we shouldn’t promise that kind of life in our presentation of the Gospel. We need to be honest. Sometimes trials come our way. But the Lord is with us in the midst of them and will help bring us through them.

‘Even people that say they have no values actually have values of some kind,’ says Greg. ‘We have a philosophy, something we think is true. But will your foundation sustain you when the storms of life come? If you build on sand, you’ll crumble. If you build on rock, you will be strong.’

‘Character is not made in a crisis. It’s revealed. The storm reveals who you are and what kind of faith you have. If you’re suffering, the church is a place to get healed. It’s a hospital for sinners, and it’s a place for the saints to get patched up.’

‘It really comes down to knowing God,’ says Greg. ‘Not knowing about God, but knowing God for yourself.’

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