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What Heaven Knows About Earth

by | Thu, Oct 21 2021

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What do people in heaven know about what’s happening here on earth? Do they know more than we realise? One of the most common questions people ask about eternity is are our loved ones aware? Is there a heavenly grandstand where our loved ones can watch the events of our lives, or are the citizens of heaven blissfully unaware of our struggles? Is heaven so far away, in another dimension, like how it is commonly conceived? Pastor Greg Laurie shares his insights from God’s Word.

Coming Judgement on Earth

If the book of Revelation were a film, we would now know who the main characters are, both good and bad. The hero appears in chapter one. And of course, it’s Jesus Christ. The good guys are in chapters two to three. That’s the church, that’s us. Then the bad guys come barreling in as the four ominous horsemen of the apocalypse. This is where the real action begins, and now we see the conflict. 

During the seven-year tribulation period, we have three distinct series of judgments that will befall planet earth. During this time known as the tribulation, it’s going to be seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bulls. But God takes no pleasure in this. 

“The Lord says in Scripture, I take no delight in the death of the wicked”, says Greg. “There are positive aspects of the judgment of God. His judgment frightens us, but it’s supposed to. It’ll make us think twice. God’s judgment also sobers us. It forces us to reassess the way we’ve been living our lives. And sometimes it causes us to change our priorities.” 

Another thing about the judgment of God is that it humbles us. It strips away our self-righteousness and reminds us of how sinful we are. It reminds us that we desperately need God in our lives. One last thing about the judgment of God is that it reassures us. We know that there will finally be justice in the world. That’s what we see unfolding in the book of Revelation.  

“Do you stand for the Word of God? Do you speak up for what is true?”

continues Greg.

“Every Christian has a testimony. The question is, is it a good one or is it a poor one?
We read later in the book of Revelation that people overcame the devil by the blood of the lamb, by the word of their testimony. And they loved not their lives until the death.” 

Heaven and Earth Connection

So what do people in heaven know about what’s going on here on earth? Do they even care? People in eternity are aware of the fact that their loved ones are not safe. People in eternity are aware of the fact that their loved ones are not saved. In Luke 16, we get a behind the scenes look at the afterlife. It indicates a knowledge in heaven about what is happening on earth.  The phrase ‘coming ages’ indicates there’s a progressive ongoing revelation in heaven, in which we learn more about the grace of God.  

“When you’re engaged in evangelism, this is pleasing the heart of God,” says Greg.

“When a person believes in Jesus on earth, there is joy in heaven.

But notice it says that there’s joy in the presence of the angels of God. Is it possible that in heaven I would be aware that my life or testimony had some impact on someone who had just believed? “ 

In Revelation 6:10-11 we find out about the people in heaven. There are just like you and me they’ve been put to death for their faith. But they were aware of things. They’re aware that they were killed for following Christ and they know that was an injustice. There’s a direct continuity. The martyrs are fully conscious, rational, and aware of each other, God, and what is happening on earth.  

“There’s a direct connection between these believers in heaven and those that are still on the earth. They refer to their fellow servants and their brothers. If it’s true of them, could it not be true of us?” 

“Heaven knows more about earth than we realise.” 

Reflect + Respond

  • How do you feel knowing that heaven cares about what happens to you on earth?
  • How can you respond knowing that heaven rejoices when one person believes in Jesus?
  • What does the impending judgement mean to you?
  • Want to get into heaven? Learn more about how Jesus made that possible at Vision Christian Prayer

To listen to the rest of Greg’s message, ‘What Heaven Knows About Earth’, click below.

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