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Vision Christian Media is a non-profit charity that has been working hard to bring the good news of the Gospel to Australia for over 30 years. Originally known as  UCB Australia, we were a key driver in establishing over 30 independent Christian Community radio stations during the 1990s before we became a broadcaster and publisher ourselves. Today, hundreds of thousands of Aussies across the country turn to us daily for encouragement, good company, support and Biblical perspective. We'd love to help connect faith to your life, too.

Let us introduce you to the Vision family of ministries...

Vision Christian Radio

The Vision Christian Radio story is amazing. Since our first broadcast in 1999, our growth has been a phenomenal testimony of God's provision. Today Vision Christian Radio now has over 720 FM and AM relay stations nationwide covering major cities through to outback towns. Each day we broadcast great music, interesting and engaging conversations, talkback, encouraging real life stories, Biblical perspectives on life, culture and current events, news and so much more - including solidly Biblical programmes from esteemed speakers such as Charles Stanley, Jeff Vines, Chuck Missler, Greg Laurie and many more.

Word for Today logo

Much loved by hundreds of thousands of Australian Christians, The Word for Today is a helpful daily devotion available in print, by email, on this website or in our app. It's written by Bob and Debby Gass. Bob started his devotional writing in 1992, using inspirational material from forty years of involvement in Christian leadership as well as from the Biblical principles instilled in him by his mother.

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Providing trusted resources for the whole family, Vision Christian Store carries a range of books, movies, audio CDs and DVDs for Bible study and practical understanding of life through the lens of the Bible.  Key ministries represented include Koinonia House (Chuck Missler), Harvest Ministries (Greg Laurie), Bob Gass, the kids animated 'Superbook' series and more.

Vision 180 logo

Following Jesus is not an easy task, especially for young people surrounded by a culture bend on distracting them off the path to His Kingdom. It takes some radically different thinking — doing a 180 on today’s culture to embrace the far better life God has in store. Vision180 is helping young Australians understand what it means to think Biblically, using their language, music and more.

Vision180's catch cry is "live different" - every day we remind young people about who God is, what He has promised, and how He wants us to live. Vision180 is a positive force against the constant negative drone of the world.

  • Vision180 Magazine features articles and daily devotions young people love to read - available in print, website or by daily email.
  • Vision180 Radio is a 24/7 wellspring of encouragement, challenges and perspective through music and fun - available online and in our app.


Vision Christian Prayer offers prayer support to thousands of Aussies every month. Some are  facing a crisis, others are in the valley of decision. It's great to know that there are caring people ready and waiting to pray for us in that hour of need. Our prayer team is made up of individual intercessors and church teams and around Australia and can be accessed any time by phone, text, email or letter.

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Vision Christian Tours has been leading tours to the Holy Land for over 10 years. These are life-enriching and life-changing experiences!  Those who have come with us to Israel report a deeper sense of what God has done in the past and how He can impact their lives today. 'A life-changing experience that has deepened my faith and brought the Bible to life' is a common comment.

Vision is Disrupting the Noise

We have endless choices, with much deceit and distraction. Even Christians have taken the bait with many struggling to live out their faith and lacking the confidence to share it.

But Vision gets right in the middle of all that noise to bring focus by sharing biblical truth with  love, clarity and confidence. We have become a trusted source of true hope that;

  • Strengthens and affirms Christians to live out their faith
  • Is a safe place for anyone to eavesdrop on open conversations about God
  • Is a wellspring of encouragement and hope 24/7

Combining the Power of God’s Word with the Reach of Media

God's World Views


Survey Reveals Impact of Vision Christian Radio

New independent research of over 700 Vision Christian Radio listeners shows that indeed God is on the move through Vision!

It showed;
95% of listeners have been prompted to pray about a person or situation after hearing about it on Vision — a third of them say it happens daily or weekly!
Almost three-quarters of listeners have begun reading their Bible more frequently as a result of tuning in.

Read the full survey results.

In the Vision studio
The Word for Today and Vision 180 daily devotionals
Vision tour group in Jerusalem
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