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Vision Offers Nationwide Advertising Campaigns on Radio or In Print

Since its inception in 1988, Vision Christian Media has grown to be a trusted, uplifting and unifying voice across Australia due to its strong Christian values and consistency.

Vision Christian Media is uniquely positioned in the marketplace with over 790 radio stations in every state of Australia offering a potential reach of around 10 million people.

Since 1994 Vision has distributed over 8 million The Word for Today printed devotionals and has continued to grow to offer digital publications, podcasts, a free app, and an informative website, enabling us to reach a wide and diverse group of people nationwide, hungry for the good news of the Gospel to those who want to hear.

Advertising with Vision gives you the opportunity to not only wisely invest in your business, but also partner with Vision to keep the ministry of spreading the Gospel of Jesus throughout Australia going. Together we can leverage our business strengths to honour God and strengthen His Kingdom.

Advertise Through Vision Christian Radio

Vision Christian Radio is Australia’s fast-growing radio network with a weekly audience of around 219,000 listeners. Radio access is available on AM/FM, Vision’s free app, via computer, satellite, Internet (WIFI) radio or Bluetooth. Considering listeners usually leave the radio on for most of the day, it is a powerful and effective means of reaching people whether they are intentional listeners or not.

Five Top Reasons Why Advertising with Vision Christian Radio is a Wise Investment:

  1. We have a national reach of around 10 million people in every state of Australia, including regional areas.
  2. We have a weekly audience of 219,000 listeners of all ages.
  3. We offer 60-second ads per ad break and a limit of 5 minutes of ads per hour so your business ad can stand out.
  4. Our voiceover talent used for advertising promotions are seasoned professionals.
  5. Our advertising rates are cost-effective and affordable.

Advertise Through The Word For Today

The Word for Today is printed quarterly. It is Australia’s most widely read daily devotional with a circulation of over 110,000 people. Requests for copies of The Word for Today come from people from all walks of life. Some use it in Bible study groups and prison chaplains have reported that there is a high demand amongst prisoners who are impacted through the encouraging devotionals and SoulFood challenge to read the Bible in a year.

Advertise Through V180 Magazine

Our V180 Magazine is marketed to youth and young adults who have or are ready to take a 180 degree turn on their lifestyle by surrendering to Jesus. If your business or ministry is looking to reach the youth market, take the opportunity to partner with Vision by advertising in the quarterly printed V180 Magazine . With a circulation of around 40,000 readers, it is a very effective way to reach the youth market.

Strengthen Your Business Brand through Vision’s Advertising Opportunities!

Vision offers a 50% discount for non-profit organisations. Click here to view our advertising rates and opportunities.
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