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Sacrificial Giving Produces a Job

by | Fri, Nov 18 2022

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Paul from Kalgoorlie, WA, has been listening to Vision Radio for years. It started when his sister gave him a copy of The Word For Today. Paul shares his story of the abundant blessings that followed his sacrificial giving.

‘My sister regularly attends church in Caboolture. When I was visiting over Easter, I went with her, and I picked up a copy of The Word For Today devotional. I liked it and then got my own copy delivered to me. This was 25 years ago, and they’ve been getting delivered ever since. I’ve moved around the country, all over the place, and keep getting them forwarded to my new addresses. I’ve also subscribed for other people to get a copy. It’s led me to become a regular monthly partner,’ said Paul. ‘A friend of mine, who I sent one to two years ago, has recently become a Christian in Bundaberg. To me, that’s amazing,’ said Paul. ‘In the last couple of years, with Satan running the world, I got tired and depressed listening to the radio all the time. One day I was looking through The Word For Today, and it had all the radio stations listed on a back page. So, I tuned in, and I’ve been listening to Vision Radio ever since. In my car, I can listen through Bluetooth.’

Give Thanks for God’s Blessings

‘I was on the dole over 24 years ago. You don’t get a lot of money on the dole, but you get just enough. I kept hearing that if you give money and tithe, God will bless you. One day I went to the shop, and I had my last $5, and it was about two days before I got my dole again. When I came out of the shop, there was a charity looking for donations. I gave them the change I had in my hand, and the very next day, I got a job for the first time in about six months. It only went for a few days, but I was thankful to God. It paid more than the dole. $10 an hour was the rate at the time through a labour hire. I thanked Him for that and I’ve worked ever since. The jobs kept getting better. And as they got better, I didn’t forget to thank God,’ said Paul.

Paul has been a faithful monthly supporter for quite some time. Would you like to be a part of our ministry to spread the Gospel to every corner of Australia and beyond? You can respond now on the phone at 1800 316 316, at or in the Free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.