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God at Work in a Marriage

by | Thu, Sep 14 2023

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New Zealand, England and Hong Kong are just some of the destinations that Tony and Narelle Davenport have experienced together as a couple. From international news reporter to news producer on the Gold Coast, Tony and Narelle have lived quite an adventurous life.

Narelle put her faith in the Lord just before they were about to be married. But when she told Tony about it, his only response was he didn’t want it to affect him. It would be another 17 years before Tony would finally accept Jesus

It wasn’t until after Tony began to feel the strain of some risky financial investments that God got his attention in a unique way through a dream. Until then, Tony says he was the ultimate agnostic. But something changed in his brain, and he began to accept that God was real. It was unexplainable in any other way but the spiritual.

The dream was so detailed and vivid, and all through it, Tony kept seeing signs and references to John 3:16. ‘I woke up crying,’ Tony says. ‘Because I didn’t know the Bible at all, I said to Narelle, what is John 3:16. I had no idea what it was, and she reached for her Bible and read it to me.’

‘Suddenly I felt I had no fear,’ says Tony. ‘I just felt an incredible release. It was like I was floating for the first week after that dream. It was amazing.’

‘I had a peace and a calm that I had never felt before.’

Listen to Tony and Narelle’s full interview on Real Faith below: