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2 Chairs – The Secret That Changes Everything

by | Wed, May 18 2022

2 Chairs
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In the sporting arena, Bob Beaudine is known as the most influential man you’ve never heard of! He’s helped shape the leadership teams of America’s NBA, NFL, PGA, the US Olympics team and NASCAR. Bob is also a best-selling author, and his latest book is called ‘Two Chairs: The Secret that Changes Everything.’

Bob is widely known as the top sports entertainment executive in the US, and is President and CEO of management consulting company, ‘Eastman & Beaudine’. He recently joined us on 20Twenty to give some insight into his unique approach to both business, and life.

In his work with ‘Eastman and Beaudine’, Bob has conducted hundreds of searches for Fortune 500 companies, Olympic bodies and universities. He says that companies come to him looking for their team, and his role is to find the people they need exclusively and confidentially.

“I used to always love Sherlock Holmes,” says Bob. “He had that uncanny ability of seeing what no one else could see hidden in plain sight. And that’s similar to what I do. I see that one candidate who brings all the personal qualities that transcend the technical experience. “

Bob’s father actually started the executive search industry, but it was his mother that he went to for spiritual insight. At a time when Bob was trying to decide what to do with his life, his mother said she had three important questions that would point him in the right direction.

“The first question was ‘do you think God knows your situation?’ The second was ‘is it too hard for Him to help you?’ And the third was, ‘does He have a good plan for you?’ That’s a fascinating discussion because most people answer yes. They come to a realisation that there’s a limit to what we can do on our own.”

In his book, Bob touches on the idea that the two chairs are not about the chairs at all, but about who’s sitting in them. He believes that one chair is reserved for God, and the other one is for us. Bob says God has been waiting to have these conversations with us our whole lives.

“My question is, would you take the chance to go set up two chairs and sit across from the King of Kings and say good morning? That’s the challenge. The enemy is going to try to stop that with calamity, but all you need to do is trust and have faith. I tell people this is the greatest experience they could have.”

Over his 40 years of mentoring and giving advice, the ‘two chairs’ method has been life-changing for Bob. He believes that all the success he’s had in business, and everything else he’s done can be attributed back to the two chairs. Spending just 5 minutes every day in the presence of God can change everything.

“When you sit with Him,” says Bob, “He’s going to give you insight, wisdom and power in favour of the situations you find yourself in. But He’s also going to ask you to do some things like helping, inspiring and encouraging other people in their worst times.”

Trouble is something that happens in our lives, but who do we turn to in a time of crisis? Some people are isolated trying to do it all on our own. But a lot of us have had to come to a realisation that there is a limit to what we can do alone.

“God said if you seek him first, all these other things are added,” says Bob. “As an executive recruiter and CEO of a search firm, I get a chance to look at 250 – 300,000 resumes a year. I’ve developed a keen eye over the years and can tell pretty quickly what works.”

“But I’ve also seen God’s resumé, and it’s really good. He never loses. He has a plan. Sometimes we need to go with our trouble to God and sit in another chair. When I started doing this, everything changed. Not just my life, my whole conversation. And it will change for you too. You just have to start.”

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