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30th Anniversary of The Moogerah Passion Play

by | Fri, Mar 31 2023

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This Easter marks the 30th Anniversary of The Moogerah Passion Play, a representation of the Easter story that will be celebrated across the nation in April this year. Churches have already begun preparing for an inspiring and memorable event.

The Moogerah Passion Play Association Inc. is a non-denominational group founded in 1993, that brings the story of Jesus Christ to life at the Lake Theatre, located next to beautiful Lake Moogerah in Southern Queensland.

Every year, up to 100 people take part in the play as cast and crew, while more than 3 000 audience members come to watch and experience it. By telling the story of Jesus, the primary goal of the Passion Play is to bring Christian beliefs and values closer to everyone’s hearts.

Mary O’Neill, Coordinator and Kosti Simons, Founder, recently joined us on 20Twenty to discuss the incredible community participation in this entirely volunteer-run production.

‘It’s just testament to the strength of the spirit that’s been on this play,’ says Mary. ‘To sustain this type of venture over 30 years, we’re depending on voluntary contributions. It’s not just individuals, but of all sorts of groups within the community and the local churches.’

Kosti believes that when putting together a production like this, there is a great dependence on God when casting the roles. ‘No one who has played Jesus has failed in the job,’ he says. ‘We have God looking after our casting and the people who play the Christ figure. It’s really been wonderful to participate in what the Lord is organising for us.’

One of the things that is truly unique about The Moogerah Passion Play is that its performed outside. Performing outdoors is a unique and inspiring experience. Not only does it give performers the opportunity to truly connect with their environment, but it also offers audiences an unprecedented chance to enjoy this dramatic event in its natural setting.

This year, the play will be performed on April 1st and 2nd, and again on April 7th and 8th. ‘I would encourage everybody to come. If people want to actually participate in the play, we’re always looking for supporters. You can even come along and be part of the crowd scenes.’

Be sure to check out the Moogerah Passion Play website for more information, and don’t forget to visit the Vision Christian Media stand while you’re there!