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5-Minute Sermon with Pastor Marcelo Encina

by | Mon, Oct 23 2023

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Pastor Marcelo Encina is the first Australian-born member of his family, whose roots trace back to Chilean refugees who arrived in Australia in 1975. A pioneer in his own right, Marcelo played a pivotal role as one of the founding leaders of the ‘Krosswerdz’ Christian Hip Hop Ministry in 2006.

He continues to be an active participant in the Christian Hip Hop scene, co-hosting the ‘Definition Radio’ Podcast/Radio Show, dedicated to sharing Christian Hip Hop music.

Marcelo’s leadership also extends to his long-standing involvement with Embassy Church in Belmore, Sydney, where he has contributed his talents as a worship leader, percussionist, and keyboardist on various worship teams.

Recently, Marcelo shared a special 5-minute sermon with us during Sunday Morning Together, highlighting his commitment to spreading the message of faith. Read Marcelo’s powerful message below:

‘I wanted to talk today about the body of Christ and diversity, and that each one of us having a different part to play in their different role is something God intended. So, the Apostle Paul writes in First Corinthians Chapter 12 Verse 12:

Just as a body, though one has many parts, all its many parts form one body. So it is with Christ, for we were all baptised by one spirit so as to form one body, whether Jew or Gentile, slave or free. And we were all given one spirit to drink. Even so, the body is not made up of one part, but of many.

Now, if the foot should say, because I am not a hand or do not belong to the body, it would not for that reason, stop being part of the body. And if the ear should say because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body, it would not for that reason, stop being part of the body. If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be?

But in fact, God has placed the parts of the body, every every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts to one body.

I have a friend from Canada who has made a living as what’s known as a breakdancer, or a breaker, in places like Korea and Taiwan, organising big international breakdancing competitions. If you’re not aware, it’s a very large subculture. In fact, it’s going to be part of the next Olympics. And if you know anything about competitive breaking, each dancer will come up and do a combination of moves and they will end it with what’s called a freeze or a pose, where all the motion suddenly stops.

It’s like a pose that is similar to how a gymnast might do a dismount, and they’ll land and then they’ll stick their hands in the air. This particular friend of mine, one of his signature moves is that his whole body is lying horizontally off the air. And the only part of his body that’s touching the ground is his elbow, one elbow. He balances his whole body weight on one elbow in this instant. He obviously can only hold that for a second, but it’s very impressive. That is something that he had to train years and years for to really get to that point of being able to do that. It really makes an impact and it might help him win a competition, or as part of a demonstration.

Now, I would imagine that not many of us have ever thought to use our elbow that way. And in fact, I would argue that very few of us would be able to do that. But that’s his area of expertise, and he’s trained for many years to be able to do that in a similar way.

We all have a different part to play. Our different experiences and backgrounds and trainings and gifts God has given us will naturally result in a unique expression of our part of the body. How we might use an elbow, for example, or how we might best be an elbow.

So I want to encourage everyone today that whatever part of the body we represent, it is not to tell ourselves that because we are not something else that we comparing ourselves to, we don’t belong. First Corinthians 12 goes on to say that one part of the body can’t tell the other part that it’s not necessary. And it talks about, how it’s all needed. It’s all part of the body.

Romans Chapter 12 also talks about the body of Christ. The focus of that chapter is unity and supporting and encouraging each other with a sincere love of God. I would love to encourage us all to see that where God has placed us, the gifts He has given us which He spoke about in these chapters, and the role He’s given us to play, can be reflected as something unique.

In fact, if it is something unique, that’s a beautiful thing. We don’t need to follow necessarily what other people have done or compare ourselves to what other people are doing, but rather we would seek out what God has for us to do, the role He has for us to play and the part of the body that He wants us to be a part of.

I’ve been able to do that in my life. That’s why I love a multicultural expression, which is where I grew up, but also multi-denomination. The diversity of the body of Christ really is a beautiful thing. And it was always intended to be that diverse. So let’s pray now. I just want to encourage everyone to really have a passion to seek where they fit in this body.

Father, we thank you for the body of Christ. We thank you that wherever, whatever our situation is, we’ve all been given a calling, a gift. We’ve all been given a role to play, a part of the body to be. And I pray that we would all seek to discover that first of all, and that we would really seek to grow in that and that we could all encourage each other. Even if it’s something different to what we expect or a different way of using our gift, or a different way of sharing the gospel or doing ministry, even if we don’t understand it, that we can appreciate each other’s uniqueness as well. That we can be one in unity and serve each other in love as the body of Christ. In Jesus’ name. Amen.’

Listen to Marcelo’s message on Sunday Morning Together below: