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A Biblical Perspective on Tasmania’s Election

by | Wed, Mar 20 2024

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This Saturday, March 23, Tasmania will head to the polls. The state election was called a year earlier than scheduled due to the Liberal government being forced into a minority.

In the lead-up to the election, Mark Brown, a former Australian Christian Lobby state director, is vying for a seat in the northeast coastal region as an independent candidate.

Mark’s campaign has been founded on Biblical principles, focusing on crucial topics like health, housing, and the cost of living. These are all important concerns that resonate deeply with the people of Tasmania.

One of the standout features of Mark’s campaign is his faith-driven perspective on the political landscape. As he navigates the upcoming election, Mark continues to follow what he believes to be God’s call to stand as an independent candidate.

Mark also emphasises the importance for Christians to understand where political parties stand on key faith-related matters. He recommends utilising resources such as which provides a current checklist for the Tasmanian election.

‘I’m following what I believe is the Lord’s call,’ says Mark. ‘I would certainly not put my hand up if I didn’t feel the Lord was giving me direction to do so.’

Make sure you tune in on Friday, March 22, when Vision’s Neil Johnson will host a special edition of 20Twenty, broadcasting live from Hobart, between 11am and 1pm AEDT.

The program will feature a pre-election panel consisting of politicians, faith leaders, and other guests, delving into the issues that Christians will weigh when determining their vote.

Robbo will accompany Neil on the trip, and they will be staying in Hobart over the weekend to connect with Vision listeners and supporters at various events. This will include attending the 10am service at Kingborough Family Church on Sunday.

Robbo will also be hosting Sunday Morning Together on location, with guest co-host Pastor Shaun White, from C3 Hobart.

You can listen to Mark Browns full interview on 20Twenty below: