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A Christian Response to Pride Month

by | Fri, Jun 17 2022

Pride Month
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Does the LGBTQI agenda challenge the biblical foundation of a family? June is known around the world as Pride Month, but many people wonder if we really need it. Pride Month is seen by many Christians as yet another attack on their faith and family values.

Greg Bondar, from Family Voice Australia, says that the LGBTQI community goes against everything that the average Christian mum and dad stand for. He believes Pride Month has become nothing more than an excuse for people to flaunt their sexuality.

“As Christians, we open ourselves up for criticism under the labels of homophobia and transphobia,” says Greg. “Our understanding of sexual morality is incompatible with the same sex union. All we’re saying is we don’t want our families to be identified with this sort of activity, which is unnatural.”

Greg believes that Pride Months promotes behaviour that is not biblical, and should not be encouraged. It appeals to such a small minority of the population who are always talking about inclusiveness. But the real problem is the invitation to be inclusive does not include Christians.

“The corporate world is going woke and bending over backwards to be inclusive,” says Greg. “It’s sending the wrong message to our kids. Children need to make up their own minds as to what is biblical and what is proper sexual morality. It’s not up to the corporate world to tell us how to raise our children.”

As Christians, Greg thinks we need to make sure that we pray and boycott any of these marches and parades. They are not family-friendly events. One of the things we need to get right as a society is to understand that children are the ground zero for a flourishing world.

“We need to do that both at home and through the church,” Greg says. “Research shows that there are two issues. One is the failure to equip our children for a faith-filled adulthood. Secondly, raising children is the responsibility of every Christian if we’re going to have a society that reflects God’s kingdom.”

Christians need to engage with kids at all levels to give them a lasting impression of what faith in society is all about. We need to reach out and connect with our kids. It starts with the church, but it also starts with every Christian too. The foundation of kids’ discipleship starts at home.

“Parents are still the number one influencer of their child’s development,” Greg explains. “Kids ministry is such a powerful opportunity to form a lasting faith. But it starts with the family. Then it goes on to the church and every other Christian.”

Christians need to be intentional about developing a resilient faith. It’s up to all of us to go and talk to young people. It’s so important to engage with them and make sure that they appreciate the value of having a ministry that will equip them to take on the challenges of this changing world.

“You can feel as though you’re a bit forgotten when you’re in kids ministry,” says Greg. “It’s a tremendous responsibility to carry. Leaders need help discipling children to make an impact. They need a lot more resources to do their job effectively.”

With so many people being influenced by Pride Month, there are all sorts of initiatives that are planned for it. But as Christians, we must take a stand. “I really think it’s a bad form of indoctrination,” says Greg. “It’s got to stop. If you’ve got to promote your sexuality, then in my view, it means you’re being apologetic.”

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