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A Divine Encounter

by | Wed, Jan 4 2023

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Jesus often meets people when they are at their worst. When they’re at their most broken and their worldview just doesn’t work anymore. When they are struggling with legalism and trying to follow the rules in order to please God.

Eliezer Gonzalez had a divine encounter with God in precisely this situation. He recently joined us on Real Faith to share his incredible journey from escaping an oppressive dictatorship, to leading Good News Unlimited in Australia. He is passionate about sharing the good news of God’s grace throughout the world in a simple and powerful way.

‘God wanted my attention to be away from myself and to be on Him,’ says Eliezer. ‘I was actually at the point I couldn’t even afford petrol. But this was the turning point, and there were tears streaming out of my eyes. It was a God moment. Because I was in my mid-forties, couldn’t pay my debts and God wanted me to go and be a pastor.’

‘I saw that you’ve got to put Jesus at the heart of everything, and that His message isn’t one of condemnation and rule following.’

‘His message is one of mercy, grace, forgiveness and freedom.’

Listen to Eliezer’s full interview on Real Faith below: