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A New Era for Rise & Shine

by | Wed, Apr 5 2023

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Recently on Rise & Shine, Vision CEO Phil Edwards joined us to share some news. Many of you have already been enjoying listening to DJ Paine in the mornings, and the time has now come for us to farewell our beloved Robbo from the airwaves!

With change comes opportunities for growth, and by surrounding ourselves with those whose hearts are aligned with God, we continue to move forward. With this in mind, Vision is excited to share an official announcement. Robbo will soon be stepping away from the microphone and handing it over to DJ.

Robbo has been an integral part of the breakfast team for many years, brightening up our listeners’ mornings with his humour and infectious personality.

Robbo’s New Role

For 22 years, Robbo has faithfully served as a member of the Vision team, with a large portion of his time spent on breakfast radio. His dedication and commitment are highly valued by the many Vision supporters across our nation.

Even though Robbo may not be joining us in the studio for Rise & Shine anymore, he’s not leaving entirely. Rather, he will be sticking around to fulfil a new role behind the scenes. And he will still be popping up on the airwaves every now and then.


Andrew "Robbo" Robinson Andrew ‘Robbo’ Robinson


Phil expressed that despite the changes, he is very pleased that Robbo will continue to be part of the Vision team. ‘We still get to chase after this crazy mission we have to take the good news of God to Australia through the media,’ he says. ‘Together we see God move.’

Exciting Times Ahead

For those of you who have already been tuning in and getting to know DJ Paine, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy the show’s new lineup.

For Robbo, there is much excitement about the future. ‘I have a real sense that God’s in it and that we’re going to see Vision just continue to lift and move to the next level. I think it’s going to be a great thing.’

Listen to Robbo’s full announcement on Rise & Shine below: