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A New Life of Giving and Sacrifice

by | Wed, May 3 2023

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Many people who call themselves Christians are not, in fact, living the life of victory that Jesus came to give them. Somehow, the promise of victory just isn’t happening in their lives. Something has to change. Not next year or next month. But right now.

On Christianity Works, Berni Dymet opens God’s word and unpacks what He has to say about the new life that Jesus came to give us. Berni says that if we believe in Jesus, then His plan is for us to actually live out that new life.

Victory in Life

Jesus came to purchase a special kind of victory for each one of us. The sort of victory in life that lifts us up above temptation, above the devastating impact of sin, and above the power of the devil to destroy our lives.

‘The sort of victory that brings a sense of God’s abundance into our world,’ says Berni. ‘So that no matter who or what attacks us, no matter who or what tries to rob us of the joy and the peace and the gladness in our hearts, we can have the victory.’

For Berni, a pivotal scripture that he comes back to when the ravages of the devil and circumstances are tearing away at his flesh, is what Jesus said to His disciples in John 10:10. ‘I sometimes ask people, what sort of a life do you think that God wants you to live?’ says Berni. ‘A boring life, an ordinary life, or a stunning life?’

Jesus said that he came so that we might have life and have it abundantly. But it doesn’t always mean wealth. It is a life that counts for Jesus, a life that bears fruit. The question is, how do you and I grab hold of that life?

Sacrificing for Others

‘I believe the biggest con out there and that’s robbing God’s people of His abundant victory is this that life is all about being happy,’ says Berni. ‘The biggest shock I had when I became a Christian back in 1995 was that once I started using my God given gifts and resources to do things for other people, I discovered the satisfaction and the contentment I’d been looking for all those years.’

That’s exactly what God tells us through his word. Philippians 2:3-8 says do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility, regard others as better than yourself. We bless other people because it brings peace and joy. Winning is all well and good, and it’s great to be successful. Yet so many Christians think that success is the name of the game, and they’ve completely lost sight of Jesus.

Giving and sacrifice is an interesting notion because inevitably, if we are going to live in victory, we need to discover that it only comes when we develop a generous heart. God is generous to us, and we are made in His image. What was the very last act of creation? God gave the whole thing away. He gave it to Adam and Eve, to you and me. He blessed them with all He had made.

God’s Generosity

‘That’s what I call generous,’ says Berni. ‘The very first act of generosity happened precisely six days after the beginning of time. It was God’s idea. And when you and I live out who we are created to be in God’s image by being generous with our time, our money, our emotional energy, and our gifts and abilities, we’re living a life of victory by God.’

Giving of everything we are and everything we have breaks our enslavement to our own selfishness. There is so much victory that flows out of learning to become a sacrificial giver. ‘God created the universe,’ says Berni. ‘He doesn’t need our help with anything. What He’s really after is our whole heart.’

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