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A Very Messy Christmas

by | Wed, Dec 8 2021

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Author: Tim Collard (Vision I.T. Team Member)

I love that Jesus wants to relate to me – a messy bloke. He understands mess, and deals with it. Jesus lived in it.

Jesus was born into a messy family, surrounded at birth by messy shepherds, to be the Saviour of messy people like us – the real mess of our sin.

Take a look at some of the messy characters listed in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1, then add the shame of a pregnancy our of marriage, a gathering of people in their towns for a census, no rooms available for a VERY pregnant mother, seeking shelter in an animal barn. It would have stunk, being noisy, full of germs. Not a normal place for a Savour King to be born.

Why did angles call the shepherds to be the first visitors (at that time, shepherds were seen as having low or little value)?

Why are the first chosen disciples’ fisherman? Why did Jesus break bread and shared a meal on His way to Jerusalem knowing full well that He was about to be betrayed?

Why was the Roman form of crucifixion (the most brutal punishment) used to kill Jesus?

Jesus remained perfect in our mess. He did die, He did rise after three days. He does offer forgiveness of our sins. This is the perfect redemption plan.

This CHRISTmas, the next time you see a nativity scene, think about how messy it was, and how perfect Jesus is.

Reflect & Respond:

  • How does knowing that perfect Jesus chose messy you and I impact your view of Him and His love for you? How does His offer of forgiveness impact you?
  • How does knowing that Jesus chose to break bread or commune with the very ones who will betray Him speak to you about His love of communion with you and of God’s grace for you and I?
  • If you would like prayer or direct someone to find out more about Jesus, check out this page on Vision Christian Media’s website.

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