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A Visionathon Donation Compliments of the ATO

by | Fri, Nov 17 2023

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When Jacqui Farr from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia found an extra $4,000 in her bank account, she and her husband felt they should give it to God. Jacqui joined us this Visionathon to share why she believes sowing financial seed into Visions ministry is worthwhile.

She donates to Visionathon because she believes in the ministry and that the money will be used wisely. Jacqui and her husband prayed about the amount they should donate to Visionathon. A few days later, she checked her bank account and found an extra $4,000 in it that she hadn’t expected.

‘My husband came home and said, “Let’s give it to God.” … We can buy all these things and get what we want, but the best thing for us to do with this money that’s landed in our bank account is to use it for good rather than for self-gain. So, God spoke to my heart,’ said Jacqui.

Jacqui is grateful that Vision Radio has been broadcasting in Kalgoorlie for almost twenty years. She has been listening to Vision since she was at school and is now married and home-schools her four children.

She’s thrilled that Vision is securing DAB+ Radio in Sydney and Melbourne and hopes that one day, DAB+ will become available in Perth. She knows the power of the Gospel can impact millions through media channels. It’s a non-threatening way to evangelise, bringing hope to the hopeless and shedding light into the darkness to reach millions with God’s Word and free resources Vision provides to anyone who wants them.

Just like churches, it costs money to run Vision and keep spreading the Gospel to the four corners of Australia. It costs $1,000 to keep a high-powered Vision station running for a week.

We hand over our money for all sorts of things every day without giving it a second thought. It might be to buy a cup of coffee, put petrol in the car, or go out for lunch.

donation to Vision is far more than just a transaction. It’s an investment in helping people focus on God’s Word. Something that will change their life and last for all eternity.

Special announcement!

A generous Vision partner has offered to pay for copies of the new Plain English Version of the Bible, distributed through Bible League, to be given to support the work of Indigenous evangelists in Australia. Each person who donates, whether $10 or $10,000, will be putting a Bible into the hands of an Indigenous Australian.

It’s important that you respond right now. So, please go to your computer and click on and click on the donate button. Or use your Vision Christian Media app or call us on 1800 316 316, where someone will process your donation over the phone.

You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.