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Alison’s Song for Vision Radio

by | Wed, Nov 16 2022

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Alison and her husband have been faithful Visionathon supporters for many years. Through rain, shine, or drought, they have supported Vision no matter what. They’ve gotten through some tough times in the past, but things are looking brighter now.

‘We’ve had a bumper year as far as rain goes. So we’re really, really happy. We’ve managed to retain our cattle, and we’re building up again after last time when we lost around 60 to 75 per cent of our herd,’ said Alison. ‘This year is a lot better. My husband is still away working, and I’m still managing the property. But he does the hard work when he comes home.’

Alison has been such an inspiration because she’s been consistent over the years with supporting Vision. Even in the middle of extreme drought, she’s sown a financial seed into the Kingdom of God, and now the season has turned. God calls us to be consistent. And farmers certainly understand what it means to keep going through the tough seasons. They can’t control the weather, but they can trust God.

Donating Every Day

‘This morning, even though I donated yesterday, I really felt God prompted me to donate again, especially after listening to Greg Laurie about the blessed,’ said Alison. ‘Then I thought I’ll give every day this week. It’s not a lot, but it’s every day, and it’s that consistency. And I wanted to put out the challenge to other people to give every day, even though it seems a bit silly to give every day instead of giving in one go. But there’s something special about giving and having it before you, and praying for all you guys and just seeing God reach the goal that we’re trying to go for.’

We are grateful for loyal supporters like Alison and her husband. As a special treat, Alison wanted to share a song she wrote that reflects her support for Vision. She loves to write country songs and sing with her husband. We hope you enjoy Alison’s song lyrics:

Well, it’s time for Vision again

Alison’s Song for Vision Radio

It’s a pleasure just to send

This money that God has given

It comes from the farmer’s livin’

We’re out in the dust, and the heat

Flies so bad we’re stomping our feet

Some days we just want to quit

But by the radio, we will sit

Well, you dream of better days

And God’s Word just lifts that haze

You dream of love and laughter and happily ever after

Your soul begins to mend

Thank God for every radio friend

He brought you into our life

And it ended all of our strife.

Visionathon happens just twice a year, with donations covering 88% of Vision’s annual costs. The donations that come through are from everyday people like you who know the power of sharing the good news of God across Australia. We hope the Holy Spirit stirs you to support us by making your tax-deductible donation right now, or even go the extra mile and become a monthly giver.

You can respond now on the phone at 1800 316 316, at vision.org.au or in the Free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.

To listen to Alison’s full interview, click on the link below: