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Praying Grandparents Pave the Way for a Godly Legacy

by | Tue, Feb 20 2024

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Throughout Christian history, praying parents and grandparents have made a huge difference in the lives of others. In Australia, a dedicated community known as Aussie Praying Grandparents (Aussie P.Gs) meet and pray regularly, believing in God for His intervention on the earth.

Grandparents pray for their own grandchildren and for children they adopted in prayer, children who have no one to stand in the gap for them. Their generous prayers include raising up a new Godly generation of grandchildren to be saved, full of Godly character, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

On this episode of 20Twenty, Aussie P.Gs Founder Janine Targett joined us to share her passion for equipping and empowering grandparents to pass on their Godly legacy to future generations.

Listen to the full interview below: