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Be A Blessing To Others

by | Fri, Nov 18 2022

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Jen from Queensland loves being a blessing to others. She donated to Visionathon today, after feeling a prompting from God to sow into the next generation.

‘Yesterday when I was driving,’ says Jen, ‘I was having a conversation with God about donating to Visionathon, praying about how much I needed to give. And then God just spoke to me very clearly and bluntly. He told me I needed to give $2,009 because that was the year that my son was born. He said, I have blessed you with this child, and you need to be a blessing to others.’

In her head, Jen was wondering how her family could afford this. ‘But my heart said, how can we not afford it? My son is 13, and he’s at that age where there are a lot of distractions. But with Vision, it’s like his soul is being fed good, healthy stuff. Not junk food. And that’s equipping him to go out into the world for the day.’

Jen said that conversations start between them when her son hears little snippets of Focus on the Family, and they think the music is awesome. ‘He’s singing along and it’s just amazing. It’s sowing into him and I just love that.’

In sowing those seeds of faith early, Vision is helping kids formulate their worldview and identity. ‘Because what goes in, comes out,’ says Jen.

But Jen knows it’s not just for the kids. ‘There is good stuff going into me as well.’

If you’re thinking you can’t really afford to donate to Visionathon, maybe just go for it and give God a chance to show that He is faithful and that He can be trusted. How great would it be to hear more stories like Jen’s?

You can respond right now with your donation on the phone at 1800 316 316, at or in the Free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.